Class Dojo: Creating A Dynamic Community For Parents, Teachers, And Children

Class Dojo was started by two men who wanted to see parents, teachers, and children communicating regularly and being on the same page as far as education was concerned. According to the founders educational needs have changed over the years, but classrooms have remained the same. Class Dojo bridges that gap. Teachers are able to communicate with other educators, check kids Class Dojo work, communicate with parents, and so ugh more through Class Dojo.

The Class Dojo app has four main categories:

The first is the Classroom. This is where students and teachers can work on skills and values such as teamwork or creative play. Students can get feedback from their teacher and fellow students on group projects, which can help build a stronger classroom community.

With the Class Dojo messaging feature parents and teachers can message each other instantly with having to exchange personal phone numbers. Teachers can set “quiet times” where parents are notified that teachers aren’t available to talk.

Most students love the “Stories” feature where the student controls what shows up on their student stories board. This could be work, drawings, or parts of their day worth sharing. Teachers also use stories to share school work and photos of the day with parents. This is a secured site that teachers and parents need to sign into.

Big Ideas is the part of the app that introduces more complex emotional and social ideas to the school kids. The teacher can introduce videos such as ‘Growth Mindset’ and ‘Empathy’ made specifically for students emotional growth.

Class Dojo was created with many teacher’s input as the creators wanted to make the perfect teachers app. To read more about Class Dojo, please click here.

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