Giving Back to the Community with Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Eric Pulier

Even with such a young face, you wouldn’t be forgiven for doubting that Eric Pulier has made tremendous accomplishments in life. If his early life and education background are anything to go by, then you’d imagine that he was destined for greatness.

Aside from being a remarkable businessman, he’s also been involved in humanitarian acts. His desire to create a better society and his outstanding philanthropic works are worth noting. He has a good track record in using technology to solve the problems the poor and the physically impaired children not only in the US but also overseas.
Eric Pulier started his charitable acts during his early years in entrepreneurship. Multiple Sclerosis was a major issue, and he began multi-media education programs aimed at creating awareness for the patients on the condition. He was the first to introduce the use of home computers that would support sophisticated multimedia programs. Also, he engineered a peripheral beam device that the Multiple Sclerosis patients who lack the motor control can use the keyboard to navigate the system and answer the quizzes.

Besides, EXPRIZE Foundation is a beneficiary of the charitable acts of Eric Pulier. It is a non-profit organization aimed the development of technological ideas. They do that by arranging and running public competitions of technological inventions that have the potential to change the world. Through the initiative, EXPRIZE aims to motivate all parties, individuals, companies and organizations alike to devise technological ideas that could be of great benefit to the humankind.
Also, in 2010, at the Doctors for Africa, held in the New York City, Eric Pulier received a great honor for his technological inventions in the health industry. His presence attracted many paid/donor attendees.

Besides, Eric Pulier served as a member of the Clinton Global Initiative. Acting as the team leader, he coordinated the exploration of a program whose objective was to provide the poor communities with cloud computing resources at a fair price.
Probably the most notable charitable act of Mr. Pulier is the Painted Turtle where he served as a board member. Painted Turtle was a charity with the Paul Newman and Lou Adler as the founders. The initiative of the organization was the establishment of a summer camp where children with dangerous chronic illnesses would be hosted. United Health Group funded the building of the camp.

Profound Business Mind; Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is a famous business man with his business concentrating on real estate agency. He is among the top ranked businessmen in the field of real estate. His experience and hard work are evidenced over the past years of his service. More details can be found on Perezhilton.

According to Ideamensch, from the year 2002 to the year 2010 Arthur was the CEO of Naviste company which was responsible for expertise and application management services to clients in the US and also the UK. The company had its offices based in US, India and also the UK that made an impact in data management where cloud-based applications management was executed. Navister Company was later sold to Time Warner in the year 2011, and from then, Becker became a private stockholder in matters of technology and real estate. Vera Wang Fashion Company enjoyed the services of Becker as a high-ranking advisor for a total of seven years. Arthur Becker is also famous for being part of the mind behind Madison partners. He is said to have a direct impact in controlling the way Madison partner’s organization operated. As a contribution to his experience in his career, Arthur Becker has also served as the chairman as well as the CEO of Zinio, LLC Company. Zinio, Lur LC is a well-known company all over the world in the field of electronics newsstand.

Because of the wide range of stages required to develop a proactive project, Arthur prefers working with people he respects. This being his nature, it has helped him gain an upright advancement in his line of operation. It has also helped him operate with minimum resistance among his employees. This is a clear indication that Becker has a keen interest in laying out proper strategies before starting any project. Becker also works tirelessly to cement relationships between him and other business partners or organizations. It is also clear that among virtues he holds, respect is on top of the list. Arthur Becker has profound respect for what other people do to earn a living. He recognizes other people’s effort in any organization and also believes in teamwork. In short, Becker has a philosophy that everyone is equally important in a firm or organization.

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