Making Positive Changes – George Soros

Positive changes are what George Soros is after all of the time. He gives freely of his money to assist those that need it the most throughout the world. Known for his philanthropy work, he is making the changes that he has wanted to for a very long time. For those that are seeing hardships, whether they have done it to themselves or not, he assists them so that they can go on to do well and help others too. Some of the people that he helps are drug users and sex workers. He wants to get them out of that lifestyle so that they can become productive people once again.

An Oppressive Life Was Once What He Lived

When he was younger, George Soros lived an oppressed life. His family and himself were treated poorly because they were Jewish. They saw a lot, but through their trials and tribulations, they pushed forward and helped others too. All throughout his life he carried this thought process with him, and now he is one of the most well known philanthropists all around the globe.

George Soros Opens The Soros Fund Management

In the year 1970, after moving ahead with his life, he opened a Hedge Fund. It was named the Soros Fund Management. It was through this windfall of money that he founded the Open Society Foundation. Through this foundation he was able to help a lot more people than he could previously.

He Is Termed A Threat To Capitalism

In an article in The Atlantic, he was termed a threat to capitalism. President Trump terms him a type of terrorist. They see him as a threat to the society as it is. Moving forward even though this is happening George Soros is not a man to give up lightly. He is continuing on amidst the allegations that are being thrown at him. His strength, determination and drive lead him on to even more challenging ways to help the people of the world. His strength is admirable, and he wants to instill good deeds into other people too. Helping the world a bit at a time is what George Soros is doing all the time. He will continue to do so, and others that are empowered by him will also help. They know that what he is doing is right, and they will help others too. Together the world will become a better place.

Brazilian Investment Expert Igor Cornelsen Thinks Brazil Assets Are Coming Back

Brazil may be the home of the most love-crazy soccer fans in the world, but the country is also an investor haven. It’s hard not to see the bright of investing in Brazil, according to Igor Cornelsen, the CEO of Florida-based Bainbridge Investments. Igor Cornelsen is an ex-banker who still has connections to Brazilians in banking, manufacturing, and the government. Igor is quick to expose his clients to Wall Street picks like Banco Bradesco. He is also quick to point out the stocks that will eat them alive.

In order to set the tone in potential client meetings, Mr. Igor Cornelsen gives three simple, but important tips to investors, according to The first tip he gives potential investors is, “make a connection with someone in Brazil.” That person can help with concerns about assets that look good, but may not be as well as other investment issues. Finding a successful and open investor who lives in the country would be the best move.

Igor gives these three tips because they are the foundation of any good investment strategy. For example, the second tip is a well-known tip most new investors learn the hard way. The tip, “expect the unexpected” is a slogan as well as a tip in the investment business. Hurricane Harvey is a good example.

And the third tip is all about managing money in a country with their own currency. Brazil has three foreign exchange methods, and all of them give investors different amounts when an exchange takes place. There is a commercial currency exchange rate. An official exchange rate, and a black market rate. Most foreign investors don’t have access to black market exchanges. Cornelsen doesn’t guarantee big returns, even though an investor follows the tips.