Goettl Helping You Care for Your Pets in the Summer

The joy of having a large family, including pets, cannot be overemphasized. Sadly, with a large family comes a large responsibility to care for every member well. In the summer one of the challenges is the heat can get so high it hurts the animal life in your home. Goettl Air Conditioning has collected some quality tips that will keep you and your pets happy and safe.

1. Dog Walks At Cooler Hours – It is essential that you time your walks for your pets early or late in the day. Just like you, pets’ paws can burn if put in contact with hot asphalt or metal for too long. Care for your furry friends by considering their health during the day. You can also buy pet shoes if walking during the day is an essential for you.

2. Use Sunscreen – Both you and your pets should use sunscreen if you go walking longer than 30 minutes a day. This will keep your sensitive skin cells from being damaged.

3. Trim Hair – Dogs and cats are creatures whose ancestors lived in relatively cool climates. You usually do not see a wolf hiking around in the desert. Maybe a coyote, but those doggies have shorter hair. Make sure that you take into account your pet’s breed, and trim them well if they happen to have long hair.

4. Bathe Them Regularly – It is good to regularly wash your pets. Have a pet pool where your pets can relax and play during the warmer months. This will keep them in a good mood, and it will protect them from dehydration.

5. Avoid Pet Exposure to Machinery and Vehicles – Machines and vehicles can scare your pets, and they can also have chemicals that are dangerous to their health. Keep your animals on a leash, and give them a natural environment to play in.

Goettl Air Conditioning is glad to be of service to you and your family. Goettl is devoted to providing quality customer care and removing nasty troubles during the warm months. If you are having a bad day in a hot house, we are the ones to call.

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Angie’s List Reviews Show Goettl Are Back To Their Best

Goettl Air Conditioning Excels in Offering Innovative Heating and Air Conditioning Solutions

For more than 72 years, Goettl has specialized in addressing the needs of residents of Gilbert, AZ. The company has been offering exceptional heating and air conditioning solutions for diverse types of systems. It is an authority when it comes to helping clients with their indoor air quality and commercial HVAC services. Goettl has received numerous compliments from both its existing and new customers. The positive reviews and testimonials have differentiated the company from other competitors in the industry.

Goettl reviews

Highest quality maintenance services

Many clients are happy with the quality of maintenance that Goettl provides. The firm offers a 3-year plan whereby a competent technician comes to customer’s home to clean and update the HVAC system twice a year. The technician addresses clients with utmost respect, uses high-quality equipment and offers a budget-friendly maintenance deal. Goettl’s technicians inspire confidence in their customers.

Fast turnaround

The company has a well-trained customer care personnel that responds to calls in a fast and professional manner. The service persons show up at the clients’ home exactly on the promised day and on time. They handle the project diligently and meet the set timeline. They offer the customer an opportunity to inspect the system prior to making payments. According to most reviews on Angies List, Goettl has all the necessary ingredients that consumers need.

Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl Air Conditioning is a renowned HVAC service firm providing outstanding air conditioning and heating services across the Phoenix, Las Vegas, Tucson, and parts of Southern California. Founded in 1939, the company offers state-of-the-art heating equipment and AC and a wide range of repair, maintenance, and replacement services. The company is committed to each of its clients, with a special focus on offering the innovative in-home environmental solutions, identifying right sized air conditioner for customers’ home, and recommending the perfect humidifier and air cleaner combinations.

Goettl makes sure clients can afford to relax knowing their homes will be comfortable under different weather conditions. The company will avail a perfectly maintained heating system, an effective duct system, and an appropriately sealed attic, which prevents excess heat from gaining access into customers’ home. Goettl uses The Sunny Plumber (sister company) to offer services such as plumbing and draining to its clients.