Greg Secker as an International Hero


Greg Secker has been interviewed on most of the market channels inclusive of Bloomberg and CNBC. He is currently recognized as an international speaker. Greg is usually called upon to speak alongside prominent and most famous people and renown stars in the world. Some of these stars are Sir Richard Branson, Dr. De Martini, Robert Kiyosaki, Anthony Robbins among others.


His most recent entrepreneurial accomplishment is the establishment of SmartCharts and Capital Index. SmartCharts is the most recent software in the trading software technology innovation. It helps to simplify the trading process by adding a level of functionality, interactivity, performance as well as ease of use that has never been seen before on any other trading platforms. It scans and comes up trade set up that you need to trade. It also takes all the legwork out by allowing you to place a trading by just a single click. Capital Index is a controlled broker offering a quick trade on Forex, Futures, CFD, and Indices. They provide access to advance FX charting technology equipped with complicated order-management tools that helps you to monitor and regulate your standings quick and efficiently.


Having gained such great achievements at this early stage of his life, he has always been looking for various ways in which he could give back to the society. In the past, he has been in support of several charity initiatives such as Tusk, Royal Prince chose causes, as well as the Child Bereavement Trust by having Prince William play on the company polo team at Lord Andrew Lloyd Webers home in the year 2010. The Greg Secker Foundations was then formed in 2011. Its primary role was to upgrade the quality of life of people in the world. It would achieve all this by venturing into life skills, education, in conjunction with the leadership initiatives. The Foundation struggled to equip people with the essential building blocks of life. The Foundation is changing people’s lives through its previous programs. These programs include Youth leadership summit, The Christian Basket brigade, Flying Trade Project, Early childhood Development Program, Starkey Hearing Foundation, and Global Tradeathon. It has worked with Sir Richard Branson in conjunction with Virgin United and built new creche in one of the South African Village. Greg Secker will forever be remembered for his philanthropist acts and his dedication to help others all over the world.