Equity First CEO Al Christy Provides Insight on Alternative Lending Options to Raise Capital

Businesses and investors looking for alternative lending options to secure working capital should consider shareholder financing solutions. Since financial institutions raised the requirements to qualify for credit criteria and collateralized types of loan, international shareholder financing lender, Equities First created strategic alternatives. Its options are beneficial to corporations, companies, investors, and net-worth individual seeking additional capital. Over the years, Al Christy, Jr., the president of the holdings company told Marketwire that stocks as collateral strategic alternatives to borrow cash. In the press release, on Yahoo Finance, he also said, he sees more stocks and marginal loans.

First Equities designed its loans to benefit corporations, shareholders, and companies seeking working capital to explore growth opportunities or for existing operations. To date, the holdings company has seen approximately $1.5 billion in stock based collateralized and marginalized transactions. Before borrowers secure stocks or margin loans, become familiar with its requirements and milestones. While both loan types use securities as collateral, there are major differences between the two. A significant difference is that stock loan type offers borrowers a fixed rate; whereas, the interest rates for marginal loans are variable.

Equities First’s stock-based loan solution allows the borrower to lower investment risks when markets are troubled. This loan type features a nonrecourse clause giving borrowers the option to forsake obligations of repayment lenders. The downside to marginal loans is the lender has the right to liquidate collateral when a margin is called without notifying the borrowers.

Equities First can help investors, corporations, and influential individuals obtain capital to benefit the borrowers and lenders. For 15 years, the leading shareholder financing lender continues to provide solutions to quickly gain access to for-purpose or non-purpose capital.

About Equities First Holdings: newsboost.com/newsroom/marketwired/equities-first-holdings-relocates-melbourne-offices