Ryan Seacrest Is Still Going Strong

Ryan Seacrest has become a household name since his appearance in American Idol. The hit series returned to television in March of 2018 on the ABC network. Ryan Seacrest is also popular on the radio with his syndicated radio show On Air with Ryan and is currently the top syndicated drive-time show in the morning as well as a top 40 program.

His roles in TV and radio are not just limited to hosting, Ryan Seacrest is also a producer with his own company, Ryan Seacrest Productions. Ryan Seacrest Productions is an Emmy-winning company that produces the series involved with the Kardashia brand. Live with Ryan and Kelly, s syndicated talk show that airs in the mornings on ABC, features Seacrest as both a co-host and the executive producer.

Recently, Ryan Seacrest became involved with different lifestyle brands, all of which he is closely involved in the design and production of the products involved. Macy’s is the exclusive retailer for his menswear collection, Ryan Seacrest Distinction (ryanseacrestdistinction.com). This collection includes pieces that range from casual to professional. Some of the pieces that are available are suits, casual shirts, ties, and even accessories such as cufflinks.

The Polished by Dr. Lancer collection is a skincare line that was produced through the combined efforts of Ryan Seacrest and Dr. Harold Lance. Ryan Seacrest chose to work with Dr. Harold Lancer after seeing his talent as a dermatologist with clients around the world. Polish is a skincare line designed for men that has anti-aging properties and high-quality ingredients. Facial scrub, shaving products, moisturizer, cleanser, anti-aging serum, and even lip care products are available in the collection.

When it comes to collaborations with other brands, Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) has an enviable collection of endorsement deals with international companies. Two of the most notable of these being Ford and Coca-Cola. These long-standing relationships have created interesting opportunities for everyone involved.

Ryan Seacrest also has a strong passion for helping children. This is made evident through the Ryan Seacrest Foundation that builds media centers in pediatric hospitals. So far, he has opened 10 of these centers across the country. Checkout this article from hollywoodreporter.com to know about Seacrest being back to ‘Idol’.

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A Review Of Greg Secker’s Career Journey

The master trader is a respected entrepreneur. In 2003, he incorporated the Knowledge to Action Group, which is the holding company of Learn to Trade, FX Capital, Capital Index, SmartCharts Software. FX Capital is a successful forex investment service while Capital Index is a renowned brokerage firm. SmartCharts Software offers the latest trading technology. Learn to Trade is a respected trading education corporation having offices in Sydney, London, Manila and Johannesburg.

Secker’s career started in Thomas Cook Financial Services. Later, he went to run the Virtual Trading Desk (VTD).VTD is regarded as the first Forex Trading platform that provided real-time quotes for large foreign exchange transactions. With the passage of time, Greg was appointed to serve as the vice president of Mellon Financial Corporation. He worked alongside some of the leading traders in the globe. While using the trading strategies that he had learnt on international trading floors, Secker’s personal trading account registered impressive growth. To this end, he left Mellon and opened a trading floor at his house. Within three months, he incorporated Learn to Trade. More than 200,000 people have benefited from the entity’s program through workshops and seminars.

In the 2009 London Excellence Awards, Knowledge to Action was honored for being a finalist. In 2010, the corporation ranked 49th in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 Awards, an initiative that recognizes the fastest growing companies in the United Kingdom. Virgin co-sponsors the Sunday Times program. Over the years, Greg has been supporting various charitable initiatives. In 2017, Richtopia nominated him in position 151 on its list of the persons who are passionate about philanthropy. In addition, the 2017 National CSR Awards recognized Secker for his Outstanding Individual Corporate leadership.

Over the years, Greg Secker has shared his insights on major channels, including Bloomberg and CNBC. The international speaker has shared different platforms with revered personalities such as Anthony Robbins, T Harv Eker, Sir Richard Branson and Robert Kiyosaki. During The National Achievers Congress in Asia, Secker was on the same podium with Tony Blair. He discusses about important topics such as entrepreneurship, health, wealth and psychology. Greg is the brain behind the Greg Secker Foundation. This organization zeroes in on improving the quality of life by advocating for youth leadership, life skills and education.