MB2 Dental-Gets The Jobs You Don’t Want Done

MB2 Dental has completely changed the way that group practices are run. It has over 100 practices, 220 doctors, and over 40 doctor owners. MB2 Dental has all your dentist office needs covered. They handle human resources, accounting and finance, credentialing, IT, compliance, billing and collections, recruiting, marketing, procurement, training, and business development.

MB2 Dental will help you to staff your office with only the best candidates for the job. They will also train employees through the MB2 University so they will be prepared to handle all of the teaks that come with running a dental office. Some of the programs that they cover include Leadership Boot Camp, RDA Boot Camp, Customer service training, DHMO training, and many more trainings as well.

Their Business Development Division implements the services that they offer into your business and will help you to grow your business. Everything from floor plans to negotiations is taken care of, and everything will be handled in a timely manner.

IT management is another important aspect of your business, and MB2 Dental offers many services in this area of expertise such as data management, custom A/V installations, business network solutions, and remote as well as on-site computer support. They also take care of maintenance plans, backup and disaster recovery, and software implementation.

Billing and collections can be time consuming and often frustrating and just a job you don’t want. MB2 Dental works on behalf of their affiliated dental offices in order to bill insurance companies and third-party payors. they even work with aged accounts and will make sure that you get paid in a timely manner. Any resubmission’s or insurance appeals will also be taken care of.

There are so many behind-the-scene tasks and moving parts when it comes to running a dental office, and that can take away from the experience of the patient which is the most important aspect of your practice. They are a partnership organization and is made up of dentists who want to offer much more than the traditional dentist office setting. MB2 Dental is more of a family and comes with doctor partners who share the same vision. When you become partners with MB2 Dental, you will be able to utilize their services and improve the profitability of your practice. You can also enjoy the benefits of having fellow doctors invested in your practice while still keeping your brand your own.

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The New Equities First Holdings Office In Australia

Equities First Holdings is a fast growing financial securities business that has offices all over the world. They have been branching out into many countries and Australia is its latest acquisition. With three locations, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, they are letting people see how lucrative the market in Australia is. The Chief Executive Officer of the company has recently stated that this move allows them to expand their clientele and obtain further financial lending partners. Many businesses that are opening in the country are finding that much funding is needed to get their company started.

In order to make improvements on existing structures, loans need to be had. Without many assets, a company cannot secure the loan it needs. But, Equities First Holdings has been able to secure funding by using a companies stocks as collateral. This method of obtaining funds seems to be working with lenders and more and more businesses are choosing to use this as a way to expand their companies. Equities First Holdings is one of the only financial adviser companies to use this method. The Australian economy is continuing to grow and there are companies around the world that are looking to move there. Obtaining easy loans is one reason.

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How Fortress Investment Group Is Singing To The Tunes Of Success Thanks To Peter Briger

About two decades ago, Goldman Sachs & Co, bid Peter Briger, a partner farewell after being with them for a decade and a half. He made a transition to Fortress investment group where he took the leadership mantle as the Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Fortress Investment Group. With substantial knowledge on Investment Banking, the role of Peter Bridger was converting debt laden assets into money for the company a position he served with utmost excellence.

In depth look at Fortress Investment Group under Briger.

The success of Fortress Investment Group when it comes to financial growth is attributed to Peter involvement. Ever since he joined, the institution has made some remarkable strides in its line of business. For instance under Briger’s leadership Fortress investment group has been able to refurbish railway assets that the firm acquired at a throw away price a move that attracted and was acknowledged by Soft Bank.

The Japanese bank acknowledged this move as it was in line with its vision fund which primarily focuses on better infrastructure for a better tomorrow. This has not only helped Fortress expand its horizons but also left Peter Briger and his fellow principals with extra billions in their accounts.

Currently as the head of real estate and the credit fund business divisions of Fortress Investment Group, he continues to grow the company as well as himself. Today he sails together with the high profile members of the business community and even ranks 317 on Forbes list of top 400 billionaires. He stays relevant and on top of his game even when there is an economic crisis because of his involvement in markets where most people tend to turn their backs on.

Experience and Career Growth

Peter Briger holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the prestigious Princeton University and an MBA from Wharton school of business. As mentioned earlier he started his career growth at Goldman Sachs where he juggled between management, operational and leadership departments. He served in various committees such as the Global Control and the Compliance Committee just to state a few. After Goldman Sachs he moved to Fortress Investment armed with skills on foreign investments, distressed debt, real estate and loans and trading

Peter Briger’s life outside FIG’s office

Beneath the surface of all the success, Peter Briger, commonly known as Pete by his close associates, is a man with a big heart and who understands that a little effort can go a long way in making someone’s life better. That is why he is heavily involved in charity. For instance, Mr. Briger has been involved in the funding of Princeton Alumni Education Fund (PAEF) which often goes a long way in helping those with the desire to start their own business. He is also instrumental in the conservation of New York’s central park and an avid donor to various charity courses.

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Bob Reina: Live YOUR Life

When it comes to life, you are either living the life you have always wanted to live or you are living the life that someone else has picked out for you. That is why Bob Reina is happy to come along and show people how to live life the way they are supposed to live it. Now, keep in mind, he is not going to tell anyone how to live his or her life. That is not for him or anyone else to decide. He just wants them to live it the way they are supposed to live it: on their own terms. That is something he takes a tremendous amount of pride in as an individual. He knows he can motivate people and really light a fire under them to get moving.


For many people out there, they have been on autopilot and they have been doing the responsible thing, which is working a job that pays the bills. Now, they are doing what is necessary and what it takes to survive in today’s society. However, there is a better way to do that and a happier way to do that. For many people, they feel as though they have lost a part of themselves by living a life where it is all about the money. Now, money is important for survival, but happiness is also a key factor.


If someone is working somewhere where they are treated like crap every single day and the boss does not respect them, chances are they are not going to feel very good about themselves. They are going to feel like they are living a life that someone else has mapped out for them. They need to map out their own life and they need to be running their own business using the best that video has to offer thanks to Talk Fusion. It is the vision that Bob Reina had in place when he started the company.


He knew people needed and wanted more than what was on their plate. He is more than happy to show them a better way to live life. Learn more: https://homebusinessmag.com/author/bob-reina/













Anil Chaturvedi- Understanding This India’s Leading Banker

Anil Chaturvedi is a banker boasting over four decades experience working with some of the globally renowned banks. He has a specialty in private and corporate banking, corporate advisory business, and investment banking. Anil has a unique focus on cross-border trade between India and Europe. Having studied at Meerut University, India, from 1970-1973, Anil graduated with Bachelor of Arts and honors in Economics. Upon completing his first degree in 1973, he joined Delhi University the same year where he received an MBA in Financial Management.

Anil has held multiple positions with many prestigious global banks. Currently, he is the managing director of Hinduja Bank and serves as the bank’s managing director in Geneva Area, Switzerland. As the bank’s managing director, he is responsible for crafting a corporate advisory plan, which entails cross-border business between corporates in USA, Asia, Europe, and India. Anil has extensive knowledge in merger and acquisitions, credit syndication, international organizations as well as the restructuring of depleted assets. From 1993 10 2011, he worked as the managing director of Merrill Lynch, a multinational bank serving nations in several destinations across the world. He served as the bank’s managing director of the larger New York City area. He then became the leading private banker catering for Indians situated in Europe, India, USA, and Asia. This is before working as the Vice President and a senior representative of the US operations at ANZ Grindlays Bank in New York. For the two years he worked for the bank, he was in charge of product development marketing, compliance issues regulatory and in charge of developing leadership and creating a rewarding model for the bank. His banking career started at State Bank of India, where he worked as the bank’s manager for development and planning.


Besides being a globally renowned banker with a despicable record of providing tailor-made investment solutions particularly for net worth individuals, Anil has been a top advisor in some of the world’s leading wealth management companies. Moreover, he has taken part in investment forums for opportunities for European companies in India.


ROBERT DEIGNAN Exceptional Business Services

Robert Deignan completed his high school level at St. Thomas Aquinas school and later on he went to Purdue University in the year 1992. In 1995, Robert acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership. Deignan is the CEO and Co-Founder of LLC, ATS Digital Services which was previously known as Calls Inbounds Experts. August 2011 is the period when ATS Digital Services Company was established.

Only three years after school Robert Deignan co-founded Fanlink business, his first establishment. Robert urgently wanted to comprehend the secret behind making a successful organization. Deignan’s love for technology and sense of duty regarding clients involved a perfect basis for an advanced executive technological solution. Robert believed that this experience would go a long way in laying down a robust framework for future work engagements. Robert proceeded to be the official vice president in Inc. IS3 the software organization which serves an extensive variety of innovative needs, like, computer optimization, personalized technical support, and digital security. Deignan dependably had the energy for innovation and needed to build up his insight significantly further.

Robert Deignan found that a lot of people cherish technological innovation since it promotes a smooth life, so he knew well the dissatisfaction that follows when things go wrong. Deignan discovered that when he concentrated on making the living of customers easier, then business would dependably stay great. Robert Deignan is a man who has over a decade of work experience making him have the ability to assemble a group of workers who match incredible specialized expertise with unparalleled service to the clients. Robert has been focusing on doing what is right for the customers. This is why he pursue certification in assisting customers with ease and always ensuring that they are getting absolute best service.

It is his responsibility regarding exceptional services to clients that assisted him to propel ATS to be the first firm to receive AppEsteem certification. To be affirmed by AppEsteem, an organization must give premium service support in the world of software. Robert Deignan had set a solid accentuation continuously on satisfaction and loyalty to the clients, which made him not astonished when the organization met almost all the prerequisites to be certified.


Gregory Aziz, The CEO Of North America’s Leading Railroad Freight Car Manufacturer

1Gregory James Aziz, Chairman, CEO, and President of National Steel Car (NSC) was born on 30 April 1949 in Ontario. He went to school at Ridley College and later at the University of Western Ontario where he studied economics. Greg Aziz worked at Affiliated Foods, the family business from 1971, and the company expanded to be a global importer of fresh foods from South and Central America as well as Europe. It distributed products to leading fresh food wholesale markets all over the United States and eastern Canada.


James Aziz worked in various banking opportunities in New York during the late 1980s and early 1990s. In 1994, he purchased NSC from Dofasco aiming to transform the once great Canadian firm into a leading railroad freight car manufacturer in North America. Aziz focused on the team-building and excellent engineering capabilities of the company and invested heavily in capital and human assets. Through his efforts, he was able to grow its production capacity from 3,500 annually to 12,000 by the year 1999. James also increased the staff number from 600 to about 3,000. Click Here to learn more.


Currently, National Steel Car tops the industry in new vehicle innovation and builds thousands of new railroad freight cars every year. The business has pursued engineering and manufacturing excellence to become the only railroad freight car manufacturer in North America to be engineering and manufacturing company ISO 9001:2008 certified. For the last 18 years, through many rounds of recertification, it has held this honor. Also since 1996, the firm has been honored consistently with TTX SECO highest quality award.


National Steel Car is committed to philanthropic efforts and has sponsored many charities including the United Way, Salvation Army, and Hamilton Opera among many others. Both past and present employees, along with their children, attend National Steel Car Christmas Party every year and participate in the firm’s primary food drive for Hamilton’s food banks. Gregory J Aziz is passionate about charity, and his wife, Irene, they sponsor the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, which is the most prominent agricultural fair in Canada.


The company is trusted by major client’s including Canpotex which selected National Steel Car to manufacture 700 railcars designed to transport potash to coastal ports. Canpotex has invested more than $500 million in National Steel Car since 1999 and its President, Steve Dechka noted that it could only defend its 43-year reputation of reliability using NSC’s railcars.


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Stream Energy is an Example of a Company That Really Seems to Care

Let’s talk about corporate philanthropy. Corporate philanthropy is a big deal in America, it protects companies from future scandals, boosts their image, and keeps their customers loyal and positive. Many companies are using this as a way to drive sales and image. However, a few companies seem to genuinely be involved in charities. One of these companies is Stream Energy. Stream has a weird business model, sure, and they also are a fairly new addition to the Dallas energy world. However, Stream has been active in making a difference in Dallas for years, and in far more than one way.

Remember hurricane, Harvey? Well, Stream Energy was one of the first companies with its feet on the ground in the aftermath. This action earned them an article on Patch.com, but that was only one of many charities that Stream had been involved in. It just took a hurricane for people to notice.

Stream was active during the tornadoes that hit the areas around Dallas. They raised thousands of dollars to help its victims. Stream Energy has also been active in combating the homelessness problem in Dallas. Stream donated meals and supplies to thousands of homeless children during the Splash for Hope. Beyond this, Stream has been participating in giving back to veterans. The company gave transportation and steak dinners to veterans and their families at a notable Dallas steakhouse. The company then proceeded to take the daughters of the military veterans to American Girl doll company and give them American Girl dolls and treat them to the American Girl Cafe.

Stream also has deeply-rooted relationships with both the Red Cross as well as Habitat for Humanity. Stream has always cared about charity. In fact, Stream just made the whole thing formal with the opening of their Stream Cares, group. This is a new charity organization opened by them recently. It’s hard to argue that Stream is leveraging charity for publicity because honestly, they keep the whole thing relatively quiet. But, if you look past the headlines, Stream Energy has been making a huge difference in the Dallas area for years. Stream is a great example of a company that truly seems to care.


Jordan Lindsey – Career and Future Endeavors

Mr. Jordan Lindsey is known for his founding the corporation of JCL Capital. He was born and raised in the city of Ne York and studied at the St. Joseph’s College as well as at the Mount Angel Seminary. Over the decades, Mr. Jordan Lindsay has lived and worked abroad in the countries of Mexico, Bosna-Herzegovina, and Argentina.

Mr. Jordan Lindsay has worked as an algo trader in the financial and tech industries. Mr. Jordan Lindsey is a self-taught programmer doing systeming of architecture. Mr. Jordan Lindsey is also known as the founder of the Bitcoin Growth Bot and has created the first completely transparent trading bot in a real of cryptocurrency.

His company, JCL capital, is based in San Francisco. It has been around since 2005, and its objective is to provide average investors with the opportunities to grow their assets and make more substantial monthly returns on Forex through a more systematic approach. Later on, Mr. Jordan Lindsey created the corporation Prive Information Services.

Some of the latest achievements of Mr. Jordan Lindsey include him completing the coding stage of an algorithm to be used on the Metatrader 4 Platform. Mr. Jordan Lindsey has been working on the project for the past couple of years and complete in 2017. Later that year, Mr. Jordan Lindseylaunched a crowdsale for cryptocurrency on the platform Waves which achieved great success. The cryptocurrency is one that he created and named Nucleus. Along with that, Mr. Jordan Lindsey also made the official announcement about his Bitcoin Growth Bot and provided a more in-depth introduction to it.

For the future, Mr. Jordan Lindsey has various plans, but one of his main goals is to create a self-funding charity organization. He wishes to help people who have given up on comfortable living and taken on poverty in order to help those who have been unable to escape it. He also wishes to help provide education and opportunities for youth living in poverty.

Mr. Jordan Lindsey believes that that will make his career undoubtedly meaningful as he would be able to help change and potentially save lives.


Louis Chenevert is the Best Business Man

Louis Chenevert dedicated his entire life to being a productive businessman. He was born and raised in Montréal, Québec and he knew of the prestigious University of Montréal and its business affiliate program. He would gain a bachelors of production management from the HEC Montréal school of business.

His professors would pull some strings and would get him a job working as the Pontiac production general manager. He would stay with General Motors for 14 years before he was hired as the vice president of Pratt & Whitney.

His skills in business became evident at Pratt & Whitney and when their president step down in 1999 he was offered the role to lead the company. After working there for seven years he was picked up by the juggernaut the United Technologies Corporation.

The United Technologies Corporation was the world’s largest aerospace manufacturer. They were known for their high quality jet engines, sensors, aerospace systems, and flight controls. Their highest clients were the military in the United States of America as well is commercial airlines both in the United States and abroad.

He was able to command the compensation package from United Technologies Corporation upwards of $23 million. $1.3 million was his base salary but he was given a cash bonus of $4.3 million every year. Here’s granted stock options up to $11 million and given other company benefits around $4.3 million.

He was able to command such a package because he was able to get this net worth of the company to $63 billion. Forbes.com reports that this is a hard thing to do in the state of Connecticut. However, even running the business in Connecticut he was still able to outpace the Dow Jones industrial and the S&P 500 when it came to generating shareholder returns.

The United Technologies Corporation has faithfully paid its dividends for over seven decades has increased the dividend payments year-by-year.

Since stepping down from United Technologies Corporation he became the vice chairman of the executive committee for the business councils in 2011 and 2012. He works asa consultant at Goldman Sachs for retirement.