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The space group of the Zincblende structure is called F 4 3m in Hermann–Mauguin notation, or 216. The Strukturbericht designation is "B3". The Zincblende structure also written "zinc blende" is named after the mineral zincblende, one form of zinc sulfide β-ZnS. In Figure 1, notice how that only 1/2 of the tetrahedral sites i.e. four of the eight octants of the cube are occupied by Zn 2 red. Each zinc atom is surrounded by four sulphur atoms and in turn each sulphur atom is also surrounded by four zinc atoms which are also disposed towards the corners of a regular tetrahedron. We may say that cations and anions are present in equivalent positions and the coordination of zinc blende structure is described as 4:4. Zinc Blende is the name given to the mineral ZnS. It has a cubic close packed face centred array of S and the ZnII sit in tetrahedral 1/2 occupied sites in the lattice, giving a Unit Cell with 8 Zn and 16 S's. The display shows an idealised unit cell Space group 216 F. These methods can be applied to the reduction of the ordinary Kronecker products, and the symmetrized Kronecker powers, of the full space group irreducible representations of any space group. The methods are applied here to the diamond and zinc-blende space groups.

Structure-wise, the zinc blende structure is more thermodynamically favored, however, because of the wurtzite structures slow construction, both forms of ZnS can be found. Summary: Zinc blend is a compound that comes in two forms: sphalerite and wurtzite. These are characterized by a 1:1 stoichiometric ratio of Zinc to Sulfur. This is the cubic analog of the wurtzite lattice, i.e. the stacking of the ZnS dimers along the <111> direction is ABCABC. This is also a two-component analog of the diamond structure, without the inversion symmetry in the middle of the bond. Economic importance. Sphalerite is the most important ore of zinc. Around 95% of all primary zinc is extracted from sphaleritic ores. However, due to its variable trace element content, sphalerite is also an important source of several other elements, such as cadmium, gallium germanium, and indium. space group name comes from Bravais lattice symbol, modified for translational symmetry Standard and Non-standard Settings sometimes a space group that is not on the list of 230 is given in a publication some space groups can be derived which are identical with another space group choice depends on. D W Palmer, semiconductors., 2006.02. PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR PROPERTIES OF: AlP, AlAs, AlSb GaP, GaAs, GaSb InP, InAs, InSb The zinc-blende-structure densities stated in the tables below have been obtained by calculation using the lattice parameter values.

Among the compounds that can take the wurtzite structure are wurtzite itself ZnS or ZnS with up to 8% iron instead of zinc, AgI, ZnO, CdS, CdSe, α-SiC, GaN, AlN, w-BN and other semiconductors. In most of these compounds, wurtzite is not the favored form of the bulk crystal, but the structure can be favored in some nanocrystal forms of the material.

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