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vue-responsive-grid-layout 1.0.12 on npm

Vue Grid Layout Example 6 - Responsive View project on Github Previous example: Mirrored grid layout Next example: Responsive Displayed as [x, y, w, h]. 11/04/2018 · Responsive draggable and resizable grid layout for VueJS. Its responsiveness is based on breakpoints similar to Bootstrap. Now you can make both normal and responsive layout. It works with Vuex nice as well. And it's partly coded in Typescript. Typescript types.d.ts available from 1.1.6.

An Auto Responsive Grid Layout Library autoresponsive-vue. Auto Responsive Grid Layout Library For Vue. Description: A magic responsive grid layout for vue.js app. Usage: Import the AutoResponsive. import AutoResponsive from 'autoresponsive-vue'; Vue.useAutoResponsive; The basic example.