USHEALTH Group – Making Health Insurance Affordable for One and All

The United States is plagued with the problem of expensive health care, and millions of people across the country are not able to afford the many choices offered by the insurance providers. Most of the people end up overspending on insurance products or are not able to get the comprehensive coverage from the healthcare insurance they buy for themselves, and their family. Even though the United States’ healthcare insurance market is highly competitive and saturated, one of the insurance providers that has managed to remain consistent in its performance and exemplary customer service over the years is USHEALTH Group.


The company offers a broad range of insurance products to its customers and has till date served more than 15 million customers across the nation. The firm provides its products through its two distribution agencies, namely Freedom Life Insurance Company and the National Foundation Life Insurance Company. USHEALTH Group is known to offer a broad range of health insurance products for individuals, families, and for small to medium sized businesses looking to provide healthcare insurance to its employees.


The best part about the products offered by USHEALTH Group is that the insurance offered are highly customizable, and people and businesses can customize the insurance as per their coverage requirements. Most of the times, the customers are worried about the deductibles and end up paying more while getting coverage that doesn’t suffice their real needs. USHEALTH Group provides first dollar benefits to the customers, which help the customers buying insurance on a budget get maximum coverage at a price fraction of what other insurance providers in the market charge.


USHEALTH Group was earlier known as Ascent Assurance in the market, but the name was changed to USHEALTH Group in 2005 following a major rebranding of the company across the nation. Its President and CEO, Troy McQuagge aims to make insurance affordable for every stratum of the society, irrespective of their background and affordability.


USHEALTH Group offers a broad range of insurance for the customers, which includes vision plans, dental plans, income protector, short-term accident plans, accident insurance, specific disease insurance, critical illness plans, disability income plans, general health insurance, and much more. As the insurance market continues to evolve and change with time, the company continues to add new products to its inventory to help the customers choose as per their requirements, preferences, and budget.


USHEALTH Group follows the motto of “Hope,” which stands for “Helping Other People Every Day.” The company has a prompt and professional customer care services for the customers. With so many different insurance providers in the market, it is natural for a layperson to be confused as to which insurance provider to trust. However, USHEALTH Group has over 50 collective years of experience with a legacy of trust and high credibility in the insurance sector.


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