The skilled Dr. Johanan Rand

Being skilled yet resourceful is not common amongst professionals, but being experienced, capable, dedicated and solution-oriented is an art Dr. Johanan Rand has perfected. Apart from studying medicine from the prestigious Albert Einstein College of Medicine, he has continually invested in medical research and established the famous Healthy Ageing Medical Centers based in New York, with a mission to provide health and wellness services to treating and preventing effects from problems related to aging. The services range from simple skin therapy, weight and dietary solutions to treatments that deal with disorders and post effects from traumatic events.

Dr. Johanan Rand has invested in integrated solution based programs that include Hormone therapy, patient mindset therapy and a greater emphasis on diet control and exercises to check weight. The Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (H.C.G) is a hormone that used to create supplements for patients in Dr. Johanan Rand’s integrated health and wellness programs. The hormone’s supplements help patients adapt to consuming fewer calorie foods by reducing their appetites without suffering from hunger push. Reproductive health is a shared growing concern for aging persons, and Dr. Johanan Rand provides solutions that seek to solve problems that range from low libido, both andropause and menopause to the extremes of reproduction deterioration through therapy for optimum hormone activity.

This highlighted integrated solutions by Dr. Johanan Rand are multiple solving and patients are happy with successful treatment based on quality research and professionalism. Dr. Johanan Rand has also been on the front line to lead by example where he undertakes the therapies himself, exercise for fitness and is a definite advocate for graceful aging. Gainshare and treatment service that seeks to enhance sexual performance in both men and women, Cellulite Reduction Therapy, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement, Micro Needing, Cardiovascular Fitness, DIY Injections to improve and lighten skin are some of the services offered at Healthy Ageing Medical Centers.

Dr. Johanan Rand serves beyond ordinary minds to resourceful, solution based, quality research on, innovative and regenerative compassionate treatment methods for improving the livelihoods of his patients in health and wellness.

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