The Generosity Of Patty Rocklage

Dr. Scott Rocklage along with his wife Patty Rocklage were in the mood to celebrate. There were a lot of expenses associated with renovating lab spaces for nanotechnology and nanochemistry. Due to their extremely generous gift Lester Wolfe Chemistry received the renovations needed.


Dr. Rocklage was able to continue his PhD studies in the chemistry department. He worked with Professor Richard Schrock who had won a Nobel Prize for his abilities in the field of chemistry.


Once the couple had completed their tour of the recently renovated lab everyone met in the lab’s vestibule. Professor Bawendi, a couple of students from the lab, He Wei and Whitney Hess, accompanied them on the tour. A plaque was displayed in the vestibule to honor the generosity of the Rocklage’s. Timothy Jamison who is the head of the department, Timothy Jamison who is the previous head of the department, Moungi Bawendi and Sylvia Ceyer all gave tributes to the couple.


There was an alumnus profile that was a feature in the newsletter for the department. The feature quoted Rocklage from a statement made in 2010. Rocklage had stated that survival and accomplishments were incredibly important. They turned out to be needed at MIT. Rocklage had been fortunate enough to be accepted to a research group by Richard Schrock. The group consisted of a lot of really fun individuals who all had a lot of intelligence and really big dreams.


Dick led this group with an amazing amount of drive because he wanted them to succeed. He encouraged their individual value systems and overachievements because he knew it was all necessary to achieve the type of success they were looking for. They had to be able to distinguish not only their work but themselves as well.


Patty Rocklage was lucky and made friends while attending MIT that lasted a lifetime. Rocklage had then thanked Jere Fellman, Howard Turner and Clayton Wood for the “chelate” activities. Despite the friendships the atmosphere was still volatile. They were all competing for reagents, glove-box time and Dick’s attention and time.

Rocklage believes it was because of the volatility present they were each able to give their best possible performances.


When the previous head of the department, Sylvia Ceyer asked Dr. Rocklage if there was any possibility of making contributions to the current needs of the department he immediately said yes. He then inquired as to where the most urgent need was.

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