The Continued Success of Seattle Genetics.

In a recent article by the Business Journal, it discussed the growth of the biotechnology company Seattle Genetics. The recent success surrounding is mentioned in the Puget Sound Business Journal; particularly Seattle Genetics’s plan to market 12 more drugs as well as hire 100 more employees. The success of Seattle Genetics, however, is not without present CEO, Clay Siegall. Before discussing his contribution to Seattle Genetics, it is valuable to understand what the article says about Seattle Genetics and how it has found success.

The article begins by discussing how Seattle Genetics is developing various drugs to combat specific types of cancer. Their commercialized drug, Adcetris, is currently being tested in more than 70 trials, which the article states. Adcetris is a drug that is intended to treat Hodgkin Lymphoma. The article also mentions how Seattle Genetics is also developing a drug to treat breast cancer and bladder cancer. Their ambition to continue their success by growing as a business has led to the hiring of 800 new employees, which the article states. Seattle Genetics overall is showing its determination to develop beneficial drugs and its success with the number of individuals they are hiring.

Seattle’s Genetics success, however, is not without CEO, Clay Siegall. As co-founder of Seattle Genetics since 1998, he has helped it earn over 330 million through public and private financing, according to one article. Siegall’s experience lends him credibility as a board of director in different institutions.  In an interview, Clay Siegall shares some of his thoughts as to how he continues to build on the success of Seattle Genetics. His response to some of the questions were about how he intends to develop cancer-treating drugs, such as ADCETRIS. Siegall explains how he and Seattle Genetics is also developing a 7 clinical-stage programs to combat leukemia, lymphoma, and other types of cancer. Siegall ultimately shows how he is a major contributor to the success of Seattle Genetics.

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