OSI Group Achievements in the Food Industry

OSI Group continues being the leading company in the food industry with its increased profitability. The company has extended to purchasing other food businesses that correlate with their goals and values. OSI Group delivers high-end products for retail brands and food services globally.

David McDonald who serves as the company’s President explained that its product development offers more to clients. Other than its capacity, he also appreciates the company’s need for growth. OSI Group mainly partners with firms that provide products which will help increase their sales.

OSI Group has done a lot to expand their business. The company paid $7.4 million for a former Tyson Food plant in Chicago. The 200,000 square foot production facility was convenient because it was near to the company’s main facilities. This step increased their business as their beef products such as pork, beef patties, sandwiches, bacon among others were sold in large numbers.

Moreover, OSI Group extended to Europe with the purchase of Flagship Europe providing new resources to the market. Flagship Europe mainly provides poultry products, marinades, sandwich fillings, sauces, dips, and dressings. Also in the Europe market, OSI Group acquired food products in 2016 from Baho Food which primarily operates in Netherlands and Germany serving eighteen countries. Baho Food gave OSI Group a broader presence in Europe.

On the global market, OSI Group has worked hard to supply food products to retail brands worldwide. According to David McDonald, OSI Industries views itself as the leader of food industries because it understands the cultures and tastes of all clients globally. OSI Group is led by a powerful individual called Sheldon Lavin who serves as the CEO. He is well based on finance and accounting knowledge which helps him to conduct the company professionally. Sheldon Lavin worked with the Otto and his sons, the primary founders of the company that he owns now. To learn more about us: https://www.ziprecruiter.com/c/Osi-group click here.

OSI Group was established by Otto Kolschowsky in1909 in Chicago, as a small butcher shop under Otto $ Sons name. At the end of the 1970s, Lavin Sheldon collaborated with the two Otto’s sons bringing greater achievements than before. In 1975, its name was changed to OSI Group. One Otto son sold his interest, and the other retired, therefore, making Sheldon Lavin as the primary owner.

The company headquarters is located in Aurora, Illinois and has grown to have over 65 branches operating in 17 countries. OSI Group is always working to satisfy their clients by providing quality food products.