Street Cred For The RealReal

The RealReal’s decision to open and brick and mortar store in New York City has proven to be a good move for the company. In 2018 they plan on expanding the brick and mortar locations of their luxury consignment stores, calling it “the year of the pop up,” according to Allison Sommer, Director of Marketing. The RealReal feels that store fronts give their company a street level presence and help to legitimize the brand.

Spurred on by the success of their Soho store location in New York, they have decided to test brick and mortar stores in other markets. They have found that customers who shop in store have purchases of six times more than the online customers. As a company they feel the shopping experience helps to “suck in” customers and convert them to their shopping philosophy.

The RealReal held a pop up store for a couple of months in San Francisco. The idea behind these short term shops is to help build awareness of the brand that will continue after the store is gone. After the store wrapped up their two month stint, the company saw a five hundred percent year over year increase in their online sales, from buyers in the San Francisco area.

Hoping to see the same results the brand is planning on opening a store in Las Vegas and other locations across the United States to follow through out the year. Their goal is to tap into the fashion loving consumers across the nation with these pop up stores that are often see in New York and Los Angeles. They are hoping to bring this fun and exciting shopping experience to fashion lovers across the nation.

Sales Associates at The RealReal have been vetted as well. They don’t just hire any sales associate but search for those that have sold high end brands and aren’t just in search of a commission. They want their sales force to be familiar with the brands and give their shoppers a top notch customer service experience.

At The RealReal they believe that having brick and mortar store will help them get their message out to the consumer. So far it seems to be working. More locations of brick and mortar stores will be determined in the future.

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