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26/03/2019 · Community forum for War Robots by Pixonic and official forum of the War Robots Wiki. Skip Navigation. Home Recent No Rants Members. Please Login or Register. War Robots Forum. General Discussion. Sting Question. General. Rules. News & Announcements. General Discussion. 6 Pack League. Tips & Advice. Leagues. 低優先度キューは特別なマッチメイクのキューです。バトルをたくさん途中退出したりバトル中リスポーンで何もせずに残ったりするプレイヤーの問題を防ぐためのキューです。. Welcome to the War Robots website! All you need to know about the new War Robots knowledge hub. Become a better player! Check our community guides and learn to play from the best! FAQ. Something doesn't work? Find the solution here! Download War Robots. download. App Store. download. Google Play. download. Amazon. download. 15/11/2018 · Community forum for War Robots by Pixonic and official forum of the War Robots Wiki. Skip Navigation. Home. the bot is cheap, and the cost to acquire and level a sting is comparable to an avenger, so very cheap relatively. It's not without a downside, in particular shields neuter it. But I've gotten 500,000 damage in a.

Легкий и точный кинетический пулемет для средней дистанции. Расстреливает весь боезапас за один выстрел и быстро перезаряжается. 16/06/2019 · I feel that the deal for Sting is so bad that I don’t even bother give a second look at it. At least the deals weeks ago for Bulgasari, Weyland, and Blitz only cost 5 usd and can be sold for 5.6 mil Ag without including the weapons. Sting is meh at the moment.

If the enemy robot is at very low health hiding will only delay the inevitable. The Wasp shares some similarities to the Sting, both being kinetic-based weapons, and having a maximum range of 600 meters, but trades off the high rate of fire the Sting possesses for increased initial damage, and increased corrosion damage per projectile. Fan subreddit of the PvP mecha-combat game War Robots. It's a time of war, pilot! War Robots is an online third-person PvP shooter — we’re talking dozens of combat robots, hundreds of weapons combinations, and heated clan battles. Crush your opponents or capture and hold beacons scattered across the map. Qualify,. Stinger was a heavyweight robot which competed in Series 3-6 of Robot Wars, as well as both series of Robot Wars Extreme. In its Series 3 debut, it was defeated in the first round against Mace 2, after veering into the pit during the first battle of the series. However, a much more successful. For Shocktrain the number is based on the initial enemy robot more damage if chained to other enemy robots For Sting, Wasp, and Viper the numbers are based on raw projectile damage more damage is done over a course of five seconds [Corrosion]. War Robots Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

War Robots(ウォーロボッツ)のSting スティングのページです。その他武器や機体、攻略情報、最強ランキング情報、おすすめセットアップ情報等も記載しています。. 04/02/2019 · Don't miss this war robots android gameplay. Crazy moments with Ao-Guang & Ao-Jun they are level up from the last video I add Avengers on Ao-Jun i have to say that are crazy I think is one of the best Dragoons accounts so far on LIVE SERVER I never play on TEST Server or anything private, only outside of public area! As I. The Blitz is a medium robot with 4 light hardpoints. It is unofficially classified as a light robot based on wiki criteria. The Blitz's ability is called Break-In. Upon activation, the Blitz fires 3 spread shots that decreases the damage dealt by weapons of enemy robots that are hit by 75% for 5. The Game. War Robots formerly Walking War Robots is an online multiplayer combat game developed by Pixonic, in which players pilot giant robots Mechs in either 6 on 6, or 6 player free-for-all matches, lasting up to 10 minutes, on random detailed maps, competing for either beacon control or total destruction of the enemy. For the economy it takes to upgrade the Wasp, it should definitely do more damage. If you don’t want to up the damage then at least up the DOT amount. And for the sting, it should do more corrosion damage. Both are awesomely designed weps with cool concepts. Just.

If you want to make a suggestion for this wiki or War Robots, go to User Ideas. We are trying to keep rumors out of this page, so if you are going to edit it, do NOT put your opinions or superstitions here. Downloads for the Test Server can be found here. Press a Button to view its contents. War Robots スマホのロボットアクションwiki. Stingスティング 2.5k Sparkスパーク 3.5k Shredderシュレッダー 5k.

Hypothetical: Best use for Sting? I'm squatting on a couple stings that I got before they were turned into gold weapons. WIth no real projects in mind, I'm sort of lazily leveling modules and saving silver, I thought maybe leveling up the worst premium weapon in the game might be interesting. Equipment of this type can be fitted to a robot's heavy hardpoint. This hardpoint type allows for the use of high burst damage sniping weapons, such as the Nashorn and Trebuchet. It also features high damage mid-range weapons, like the Dragoon and Zeus, as well as high damage close range weapons. Viper is the most useful one in my opinion. Sting is good, but the damage it does is relatively small, though it reloads very quickly. To make good use of it you need to adjust your gameplay accordingly, and I haven’t mastered that yet. Wasp I’ve only tried on test and in Skirmishes. War Robots スマホのロボットアクションwiki. ・同系統の腐食型武器として、軽量武器に連射性能を高めた Stingスティング.

This is a list of robots that appeared in the television series Robot Wars. The robots are listed via their debuting season, in alphabetical order, using the names they used in that series, if they competed in more than one series with the same robot that had a different name e.g. Firestorm, Firestorm 2, then the name they used in that series.

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