Securus works hard to secure prisons

When it comes to prison communication companies, one of the names that comes to mind is Securus. For many years, inmates and families as well as facilities depend on their services. Resourcefully and without fail, Securus has backed their word and can prove it by their 3 time award winning track record.


Most recently, the company has come up with yet another way to help prison inmates and employees alike. They have developed a drone detection system, which will allow more control over the new growing epidemic of sneaking in contraband by drones. This can help save lives and keep prison crime incidents to a minimum.


Securus saw the growing problem and decided to come up with a clever solution by developing a defense radar of sorts. Created to intercept any items that may come in through drones. Drugs and weapons are just the beginning of what has managed to get snuck in by inmates.


To become the 2018 best in sales and customer service Stevie Award winner, you definitely had to have put in time and effort to earn that title. With millions of people using their services every day, they have taken the extra step to help out families and those incarcerated.


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