RockectShip Education: A Public Charter Learning Institution

Rocketship Education is a public sector school that works with teachers, parents, and organizations to help the unfortunate children who are from families that receive meager income and they are not able to live standard lives. An effort has been recorded by bringing 25 new schools after the first school which was started in the year 2007 could not offer services to all the children in the world, and the work was impressive. This learning institution gets support to improve their technology from Netflix CEO, Reed, and Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. At Rocketship education charter schools, candidates apply for jobs as teachers while they are on campus.

Parents help to interview and select qualified teachers that will be employed to teach their children. This is achieved by having them to come to school and get to be trained on how they will help interview applicants that want for the available teaching positions. Also, the school board holds meetings where the parents are involved. They like to ensure that their children are given the best education which will help them later in life. In Rocketship education, they have values that they introduce and are implemented to be followed by everyone in the school. Parents are not left out here because they do choose the last value for the school. The values are respect, empathy, responsibility, and persistence.

These values are applied to all the charter school across the country and within the communities. The core values above help Students in rocket ship education to strive and work hard in school and build character as well. Students in this schools are from low-income earning families which affects them because they are subjected to challenges in life. That in tune affects their mental and emotional state. The school helps such students by introducing programs like social and emotional courses which help the students to get enough challenges. They are also enlightened on good relationships skills in the community with fellow friends from different backgrounds and as well as the teachers. In the end, they become good decision makers and also be able to conquer the challenges they meet in life, and this helps improve their state.


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