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The pear sawfly, commonly called pear slug, is of European origin. Adult pear sawflies are small, black wasp-like insects, about 5 mm long, which emerge from mid-June until mid-July. Their eggs are deposited on the lower surfaces of the leaves. 05/12/2019 · Attacks pear, cherry, and plum. Larvae feed on the surface of leaves, which they skeletonize, leaving only a framework of veins C. Management. Foliar insecticide sprays applied shortly after petal fall will control pear slug; larvae can also be washed off the foliage of backyard trees with a strong stream of water. Pear slugs are not true slugs see University of Wisconsin Garden Facts XHT1040, but are larvae of the pear sawfly Calora cerasi. These larvae feed and cause damage on many kinds of ornamentals and fruit trees, including cherry, cotoneaster, mountain-ash, pear, purple leaf plum and serviceberry. The larvae cover themselves in green slime, making themselves unpalatable to predators. When the larvae are fully grown, they drop off the tree on the ground and pupate underground. The adult sawfly emerges from the pupal case and climbs from the soil to mate and lays eggs on the leaves of the host plant, completing the lifecycle. Pear Slug/Pear Sawfly Caliroa cerasi March, 2016. Pear sawfly prefers pear and cherry hosts but will also attack the leaves of plum, quince and occasionally apple. Larvae feed on the upper surface of pear and cherry leaves removing the green epidermis. High populations can defoliate trees.

The pear sawfly is a common pest in Iowa, attacking a wide variety of hosts. While it favors pear and cherry, it also attacks crabapple, apple, plum, hawthorn, cotoneaster, and mountain ash. The sawfly larvae damage these plants by feeding on the surface of the leaves, skeletonizing them, and leaving the network of veins. The pear sawfly is also known as the pear slug or 'cherry slug,' when on cherry because of its resemblance to a small, dark slug. These insects are the larval stage of a glossy, black sawfly about 1/5" long. The larvae are covered with a dark green to black slime which gives them the slug-like appearance. Pear and cherry slugworm. The grazing activities slug-like larvae of the pear and cherry slugworm sawfly can cause some leaves on pears, cherries, hawthorn, plum, Cotoneaster, Chaenomeles and Sorbus to dry up and turn brown. Caliroa cerasi. Pest description and crop damage The adult is a glossy black wasp, about 0.2 inch long. The larva initially resembles a small slug, due to the olive green slime that covers the body and the fact that the head is wider than the rest of the body.

Pear and cherry slug also called pear slug, or cherry and pear slug is not a slug at all but the slimy-looking, brown to black, slug-like larvae of a sawfly. The female fly lays eggs into the leaves of pears, cherries, apples, quinces and their ornamental relatives such as flowering plums and hawthorns. 09/08/2012 · A pear slug is the larval stage of a kind of sawfly, Caleroa cerasi. Sawflies are stingless relatives of wasps, given this name because they bore or saw into a plant to lay their eggs. This one looks like a shiny black housefly, but you probably won't notice it in its short, fast-moving adult phase, which is probably why the more obvious stage, the caterpillar, gave this insect its common name.

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