Sussex Health Care Audiology, Helping With Hearing Loss

If you have a family member that is getting older and experiencing hearing loss, Sussex Health Care Audiology should be the first senior living facility that is considered for treatment.

The brand of Sussex Health Care has been around for decades now. They have just opened centers for audiology located in Surrey, Sussex and Berkshire. Sussex Health Care is one of the best senior living facilities located in the entire United Kingdom because the have extensive guidelines for the employees.

Sussex Health Care audiology understands that sometimes it can be difficult to get your loved one to admit that they could be losing their hearing so they have provided tips for you as a family member to be able to determine if they could be experiencing hearing loss. People who are experiencing hearing loss tend to repeat them selves frequently. People who are experiencing hearing loss also tend to turn the TV up louder than usual. Another sign of someone who is experiencing hearing loss is for them to not hear phones and doorbells rings. The last sign is that your loved one may not be able to fully hear you unless they are looking directly at you when speaking. If you notice that your loved one has any of these signs you should seek help for them.

Sussex Health Care Audiology has been accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service. This health care facility provides hearing test for their patients. They are known for giving accurate assessments. They also give hearing aids to patients and make sure that they have been fitted properly.

Sussex Health Care is a very trusted senior living facility. They require all staff members to receive properly schooling in order to do their job correction. In addition, all staff members are required to receive special Sussex Healthcare training to ensure that they are up to code on all of their patient care. Sussex Health Care treats all patients as if they were relatives of their own. Each patient has a personalized treatment plan to ensure that their care is state of the art.

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SamAdrangi : The Investor In Charge Of Kerrisdale Management

Kerrisdale Capital Management, which is headed by SahmAdrangi, has been successful over the years. The owner and founder has been ensuring that everything is running smoothly at the company since its founding back in 2009. At the time of its founding, SahmAdrangi invested one million dollars. He has managed to increase worth of company from the initial one million through analysis of the market and business world.

Currently, the firm deals with more than one hundred and fifty million dollars worth of assets. Apart from running things at the company, Sahm also publishes research on different issues affecting the stock market. The research guides those that are involved with stock trading and directs them on when and how to trade. People who are also interested in stock market and have little knowledge on it also go through the pieces to further understand what it’s all about.

In some of his publications, SahmAdrangi tries to explain how businesses that are similar to his company operate. By doing this, people are able to see that the business practice observes ethics and is just like any other business. Therefore, the publications do not only educate people on trading but also play a key role in clearing the myths and misconceptions about Kerrisdale. The information also separates the fraudulent companies from those that are conducting legal trading activities. Companies like China-Biotics and China Marine Food Group which fraud people are exposed in the publications, thereby, protecting people from being victims of fraud. These publications can be found on Kerrisdale website, and any person who is interested in going through them can access them freely.

SahmAdrangi has been working with different firms that are involved with biotechnology. He is concerned with ensuring that people come up with technology that does not harm the environment and betters people’s lives in the long run. To achieve this, he releases important information about their discoveries and innovations on his page. Some of the companies that focus on biotechnology include Pulse biosciences, Bavarian Nordic, Zagfen, and Sage Therapeutics.

SahmAdrangi continues to help many companies to come up with better strategies so that they can attain better profits and serve the community for longer periods. He also guides them through funds management using the knowledge that he has acquired over the years. The Lindsay Corporation is one of the firms that has benefitted greatly from his expertise. It is likely that more companies will continue to thrive through his leadership as time passes by.

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Dr. Mark McKenna: Committed Physician, Entrepreneur, Husband And Father

New Orleans native Dr. Mark McKenna has developed a sterling reputation as both a caring physician and a very successful entrepreneur. Since earning his MBA and graduating from Tulane University Medical School, Dr. McKenna has gone on to play an important role in the lives of people in New Orleans. He spent years working in medicine there with his father. He has also held positions on the New Orleans Jazz Festival board as well as the New Orleans Industrial Development Board. Dr. Mark McKenna is also revered as a dedicated community servant and someone who passionately advocate for patients.

But Dr. Mark McKenna is also an entrepreneur at heart. Even while helping patients in Louisiana and becoming a board-certified surgeon in both Florida and Georgia, he still managed to build his real estate development company McKenna Venture Investments. At its height, the real estate company employed 50 people and expanded to include Uptown Title, Inc., as well as Universal Mortgage Lending. Through those companies Dr. McKenna offered financing, real estate closing assistance and design-build services.

Hurricane Katrina changed all that when it struck the city in 2005. Many parts of New Orleans were devastated. Dr. McKenna lost much of his assets and his clients. Still, for the next two years, he helped with rebuilding efforts. He created housing for people with low to moderate income and did his best to help the people of New Orleans in any way he possibly could. In 2007, Dr. Mark McKenna moved to Atlanta, Georgia and started a new business venture. It was a medical aesthetics company called ShapeMed. It became wildly successful and Dr. McKenna sold it to Life Time Fitness in 2014.

Now a husband and father, Dr. Mark McKenna has founded new company to help people interested in elective healthcare. It’s called OVME and offers technology enabled medical aesthetics services. As he builds his new company, Dr. McKenna makes sure to spend time with his wife and daughter every day. He credits the peace that brings, his meditation, love for reading, goal-setting practices and martial arts training for his success.

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Cameron Clokie: Providing Innovative Solutions in Surgery

Dr. Cameron Clokie is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon who has worked hard towards growing his career. He has influenced the lives of those around him by providing solutions to bone regeneration and working as surgeon in many institutions. Dr. Cameron Clokie is dedicated to replacing the old methods of bone reconstruction by introducing innovation in his work.

He has been committed to research and collaborating with individuals and businesses to find solutions to issues facing the field. Dr. Cameron has a desire to ensure that he makes a positive mark in the world by providing humans with alternative treatments and cures. He is involved in developing bio implants and is hopeful it will be successful in replacing bone grafts.

Dr. Cameron attended McGill University graduating with a doctor in dental surgery. He has worked in the area of dental surgery for a long time hence has acquired a lot of expertise as a competent dental surgeon. He earned his PhD from the same university in bone regeneration. Dr. Cameron has taken keen interest in bone structure and reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Cameron’s interests led him to begin his own practice in Toronto. He has acquired respect and confidence among his clients who are optimist in his capability to provide them with the best facial reconstruction surgeries. Dr. Cameron is widely known for his experience in surgery and has carved a niche which has enabled him have a large pool of clients visiting his Toronto clinic.

Dr. Cameron is the chief executive officer of Induce Biologics, which concentrates on regenerative medicine to offer innovative solutions. Dr. Cameron also conducts his own research obtaining about 25 patents for his work. His contribution in medicine is immense and admirable. His work is appreciated in America and across the world.

Dr. Cameron has published papers detailing his studies and discoveries. Scholars and colleagues can access these across the world. Dr. Cameron has worked as a professor for many years before retiring from teaching in 2017. He has been a role model to many students and has taught in many institutions across the world.

Advocacy of human, civil and Human Rights in Association with Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Since time immemorial, the fight for human rights has been there. There is a need to ensure that all the individuals in the society get equal treatment. These means fighting injustices and oppression of the poor. Corruption and lack of empathy have made the whole process very hard.

The reluctance to punish e those who violate the human, immigration, and civil rights, has made it impossible to end the issue at hand. Any philanthropic groups have been formed to ensure that this discrimination of the minority, comes to an end. Here are a few examples of such groups;

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

The Frontera Fund was formed by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The foundation aids other humanitarian organizations in Arizona. These are groups that fight to ensure that every person has the freedom of expression. They also fight to ensure that human, civil and immigrants’ rights are observed. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are well-known for engaging in legal battles on issues of human rights. This duo led to the implementation of the first amendment rights.

The Frontera Fund was founded using the money they acquired from the case of the sheriff as compensation. This is after the unlawfully arrested them because of exposing his evil deeds.

The Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund

What is the first thing comes to your mind when you see a disabled person? You are filled with pity, and you feel sorry for them. It is such a shame that this is all the society has to offer the disabled individuals. Sympathy is the last thing they need.

What the disabled need are opportunities to involve in normal activities. The DREDF fights to ensure the rights of disabled people are advanced.

The DREDF also educates them on their rights. This has proofed very empowering.

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

It is very wrong to judge people based on their color. The personality of an individual is not influenced by their color. It is based on self-development and character development. Racism is, therefore, baseless and not necessarily.

NAACP Legal Defense Fund is determined to see this come to an end. It only destroys the beauty and the goodness of a nation. The group fight racism, even through litigation when need be.

The group also educates people against racism.

Final Verdict

Respecting others and treating everyone with dignity is very noble. It is the high time that people embrace equality and justice.

Without discrimination, the world will be a very great place to be to everyone.

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Learn from the Courageous and Revolutionary Nick Vertucci

To some people, going through hardships as a child hinders them from realizing their full potential. But this did not happen for Nick Vertucci. He went through hardships, but he overcame them. Today, Nick Vertucci is the Founder and CEO of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA) which is a place where he has dedicated his time and resources to teach aspiring real estate investors the tricks of the business.

Nick was not born rich. He has worked for everything he owns. Growing up, Nick went through some share of hardships. For starters, he lost his father when he was ten years of age. He had to live with what he could get from the mother who was forced to do two jobs to cater for her kids. At one time, Nick had to live in his Pickup truck.

Due to his determination and hard work, Nick ventured into computer parts business which did very well for a while. He started his own family and became a father of three. As fate would have it, the dot-com period of the year 2000 made him experience significant loss, and he was sent out of business as technology advanced.

This was one of his worst moment, bearing in mind that he had a young family that looked up to him for daily needs. Nick lived in Debts for about 18 months. When he was invited by a friend to attend a real estate training, he did not hesitate, Nick tagged along, and he liked what was taught. He kept attending the sessions until one day in 2013; he founded NVREA to educate other investors the knowledge he gathered. Nick Vertucci credits his millionaire status to the decision he made to attend the training when he was invited by his friend.

Today, Nick teaches all interested investors a simple way of ripping the best real estate has to offer. He uses a very simplified model where he tells his student to learn how to get in, get out and get paid. Nick is also a radio host and mentors through The Real Estate Flipping Hour show.

Jeffry Schneider’s Fitness Programme and Charity Contributions

Jeffry Schneider, the founder and also the CEO of a famous boutique enterprise in Austin, Texas is a real example of living young and healthy. Jeffry Schneider boasts of more than twenty-five years of experience in the corporate world. Under his watch and management, his firm has grown rapidly over the years, and as we talk now, it has employed more than fifty-five employees. Jeffry Schneider believes in changing the lives of his staff, and that is why he has several mentorship programmes for all his support staff. What surprises many, is his ability to integrate a fitness program into his life regardless of his busy schedule. He is aimed at showing the world that, it is not all about working, it is also about living healthy and young. In this article, we show you reasons why you should too, just like Jeffry Schneider, have a wellness plan in your life. It is time we got back to shape!

Here’s why you need a wellness program

Improve your health behavior– Having a wellness program means that you have set your mind to achieving something. These programs help you adapt and also maintain new health behaviors. For instance, if in your plan it is indicated that you have to go jogging every morning, then if you follow that, it becomes a habit, and you don’t have to force yourself anymore. Health behaviors lead to improved health, beauty, and fitness.

Improved productivity at the workplace– Have you ever been at your place of work but doing nothing productive with your time? This, among other reasons, could be as a result of poor health. Research has shown that people who actively take part in wellness programs, either at the workplace or home, tend to be more active than their counterparts who tend to be tired, stressed, and exhausted. To avoid lower productivity, you’re advised that you try and come up with a wellness program to ensure that you remain active and also stay away from any illnesses that might come up as a result of poor living.

Builds a community– Wellness programs, especially when carried out by a team especially employees of a particular company, leads to interaction and closer ties among the members of staff. Research has shown that people are happier when working together as a team. This also creates a good relationship with the employees. The staff also becomes a community which is connected and have something they enjoy doing together. Apart from the increased productivity that comes about as a result of this relationship, your social life and health are also likely to improve tremendously.

Physical fitness– Everyone wants to feel great about their look and appearance. Taking part in various fitness programs will make you have an improved physical wellness. This will go a long way in improving your confidence and self-esteem. Always feel great about yourself by taking part in the relevant fitness programs.

Weight loss– If you are feeling overweight and would love to lose some pounds, then exercising is the way for you. You can get a trainer or do it as a team.

A Final Thought:

In Jeffry Schneider, we see a great man, whose primary motivation is helping people lead better and improved lifestyles. Apart from his participation in gym and fitness sessions, Jeffry Schneider has a big heart. This can be proved by the number of charitable organizations that he helps and works with. In truth, Jeffry Schneider is an inspiration to many, and it is no doubt that through his legacy, his work and his life, he will go down in history as the man who believed in the power of humanity and changing others people’s lives.


Susan McGalla Has a Solution for Aspiring Female Executives

Susan McGalla has risen through the executive ranks during her career and is one of the few women who has attained a level of success that parallels accomplished male executives. The ultra-competitive nature of modern business happens to be a place where she’s comfortable and effective. She is undaunted by ambitious males and has become a fine example of what women can achieve in the boardroom when given a chance.

McGalla credits the early years spent with her family as one of the main factors that contribute to her competitive nature and comfort around males in power positions. She grew up with two brothers and a father who coached football and competitive juices flowed all around her which shaped her character and nature. The fact that neither her father or brothers cut her any slack because she was a girl enabled her to survive on wits and abilities alone.

She is convinced that women also can survive on their merits alone in the C-Suite when given the opportunity. Susan McGalla has relied on a tremendous work ethic to take her places in the business world and it makes her a shining example of what hard work and opportunity can accomplish.

Her advocacy that women establish mentoring relationships with highly placed male executives helps set Susan McGalla apart as she has seized upon a practical solution instead of another focus group. This would enable women to have a chance to work on projects that are difficult, weighty, and crucial to business operations and help them refine and develop their executive skills.

Susan McGalla had a notable chapter in her career when she worked with American Eagle Outfitters. Her talent saw her rise to become their President and she oversaw innovative retail initiatives in this capacity. She also founded her own consulting firm, P3 Executive Consulting, where she shared her extensive retail experience with firms in need. She is currently highly placed with the Pittsburgh Steelers football franchise where she is the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development. Her higher education was accomplished at Mount Union College where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing.

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Barbara Stokes: Building Homes for Hurricane Victims

Hurricane Harvey is considered as one of the strongest typhoons to hit the United States. Its immense power ravaged through the coastal areas of Texas, and its devastation throughout the state costed billions of dollars. The outcome of the chaos was beyond nightmare, and the government has to partner with several private companies to help rebuild communities which were destroyed by the powerful hurricane. Green Structure Homes of Alabama is a construction contractor for disaster relief based in Huntsville, Alabama, and they have been tapped by the government to become an official rebuilding partner. Barbara Stokes, the chief executive officer of the company, is delighted that the government has noticed their company and stated that they are willing to help. The Green Structure Homes of Alabama is now pushing for manufacturing jobs across eight states that would produce modular homes for the victims of the hurricanes. According to Barbara Stokes, there will be additional jobs for people who are living in Virginia, Texas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Minnesota, Louisiana, Florida and Alabama, and they will be assigned to different departments within the company including the manufacturing department and the assembly department. Follow Barbara Stokes on

The Green Structure Homes of Alabama was given a $28.5 million contract by FEMA, with hopes of speeding up the recovery within the devastated areas. They knew that the Green Structure Homes of Alabama has the equipment and the capacity to build the number of modular homes that is currently needed. Barbara Stokes stated that they are looking forward to the opening of the facilities that will produce the modular homes. She also added that the opening of these facilities will help the local population of several states due to the jobs that will be generated, and that the modular homes will be transported quickly to those who need it the most, especially those who are living in the coastal areas of Texas. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

The Green Structure Homes of Alabama was established by Barbara Stokes and Scott Stokes in 2008. They have more than three decades of experiences working with disaster relief, and establishing a company that would cater to the needs of the people is what they really wanted to do. They have been partnering with government agencies to help the people who are victimized by destructive catastrophes by creating modular homes that they can use as temporary shelters. The Green Structure Homes of Alabama is known for their sturdy and state of the art modular homes.


The Successful Career of Louis R. Chenevert

Louis R. Chenevert has been making headlines in the international community due to his numerous accomplishments. The businessman has registered a lot of success while serving in several positions in the corporate world. Louis is a role model to many young men and women who want to make a successful career in the corporate world. Although Louis has registered a lot of progress in the international platform, he has come a very long way, just like most of the successful people in the world. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Crunchbase.

First of all, Louis Chenevert is a Canadian-French business expert who has a lot of knowledge in business. For an individual to get a great position in the corporate world that has become too competitive, they must be well experienced and educated. This has been the case with Louis too. When he was born to his parents many years ago, he was offered an opportunity to go and study in some of the best schools in the country. Fortunately, the businessman was hard-working, and this assisted him to perform well in the different levels of education. By the time Louis was leaving high school, the businessman had good grades, and therefore he got an opportunity to be admitted in one of the best universities in the world. According to his resume, the university is called the University of Montreal. Read more about Louis Chenevert at

While at the university, Louis studied production management and he graduated four years later. The skills acquired by the businessman have been instrumental in the career life of the businessman. After graduating from school, Louis was offered several opportunities in various companies. Louis Chenevert greatest role was working at the UTC as the president. The organization is big, and it managed to perform very well under the leadership of the businessman. During his tenure as the president of the large corporation, Louis introduced the use of the modern technology to ensure the smooth running of the activities that were taking place. Other companies in the corporate world followed some of the examples that were set by the businessman and his team at UTC. The experience he had acquired in several other institutions played a key role in the success of UTC too.