Jeff Aronin CEO Paragon biosciences Fights to Find a Cure

Jeff Aronin has been the CEO of Paragon Biosciences since 2010 that is ten years after the company was founded. Jeff got his skills to run Paragon biosciences from leading other bio-pharmaceutical companies. His strategy, skills and brand marketing made him a perfect fit to run Paragon biosciences. To add to his impressive skills, he is also a physician. He has a passion for helping his patients and this has been his driving force for his entire career.

His career started when he studied a Bachelor’s Degree in Northern Illinois. He then went on to do an MBA from DePaul University. He worked in healthcare for a duration before he founded and became the CEO of Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC in 2000. He founded his company because he felt that there was more he could do for his ailing patients. He had a special place for patients with rare diseases that were often neglected. Jeff Aronin then channeled all his resources to this course. His company was different from other companies because he focused on his patients as well as in development of drugs. He sold his company to a Danish health care company in 2009.

Paragon biosciences is a company that seeks to improve people’s lives entirely through biomedical innovation headed by Jeff Aronin. It is not only an incubator for other growing biotechnology companies but also an investor in these companies. The company only seeks to help develop companies that are disciplined and have strategies in place to address certain specific clinical areas.

Paragon biosciences has a process that they use to ensure that they do help people with different diseases. The process always starts with the identification of the disease that is ailing the patient. During identification they take the time to understand the kind of lives their patients live. They then work on building dynamic companies. Even though it might take years to come up with life changing medicine, they support other researchers by giving them the infrastructure they need to meet their goals ( The process only works through trial and error, a process they have embraced. Next step in the process is developing the drugs and then bringing them to the market.


Achievements of Graham Edwards

Graham Edwards studied economics in Cambridge University. Graham Edwards has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Telereal Trillium Company. He started serving as the CEO of Telereal company in 2001. He performs the strategic planning role of the company.

Due to his great qualification, he was nominated as the new chairman of the Telereal Trillium company. He assumed office in April, this year. With Graham Edwards in the Chairman position, much production is expected from the company.

Trillium was founded in 1997. The main goal was to acquire the Department for Works and Pension portfolio. In 2002, Telereal was established as a 50/50 partnership with William Pears Ltd. Later in 2009, Trillium was bought by Telereal from the Land Securities and Telereal Trillium was created.

Telereal Trillium is a privately owned company. It is located in United Kingdom with its headquater offices in London. This company does well in managing risks.

Graham Edwards Telereal offers consultation services to the B Pears Trust. He has held position as the Fund Manager of Merrill Lynch Asset Management. He was once an employee of BT Group Plc. He is the Director of Trillium Holdings Limited.

He also helps in directing the Flagstaff 2 Ltd company. He simultaneously directs Flagstaff 1 Ltd and Antham 1 Ltd. He also holds a Chief Executive Officer Position in Talisman Global Asset Management.


Graham Edwards has membership in the following organizations;

  • Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales
  • Association of Corporate Treasurers
  • UK Society of Investment Professionals

He is a great leader and has brought transformation in Telereal Trillium Company. Graham Edwards has lead the company to rising to the top in terms of marketing. He has lead the company to making great returns.

Graham Edwards is Known due to his great success in business. He is in Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors as a Fellow member. Graham Edwards deals with the following areas in business;

  • Mining
  • Software development
  • Real estate

He actively contributes towards community growth and enjoys offering service to his community. Graham Edwards is a board member of the following groups;

  • One Voice Europe
  • Portland Trust
  • British Friends of the Hebrew university.


Jordan Lindsey – Career and Future Endeavors

Mr. Jordan Lindsey is known for his founding the corporation of JCL Capital. He was born and raised in the city of Ne York and studied at the St. Joseph’s College as well as at the Mount Angel Seminary. Over the decades, Mr. Jordan Lindsay has lived and worked abroad in the countries of Mexico, Bosna-Herzegovina, and Argentina.

Mr. Jordan Lindsay has worked as an algo trader in the financial and tech industries. Mr. Jordan Lindsey is a self-taught programmer doing systeming of architecture. Mr. Jordan Lindsey is also known as the founder of the Bitcoin Growth Bot and has created the first completely transparent trading bot in a real of cryptocurrency.

His company, JCL capital, is based in San Francisco. It has been around since 2005, and its objective is to provide average investors with the opportunities to grow their assets and make more substantial monthly returns on Forex through a more systematic approach. Later on, Mr. Jordan Lindsey created the corporation Prive Information Services.

Some of the latest achievements of Mr. Jordan Lindsey include him completing the coding stage of an algorithm to be used on the Metatrader 4 Platform. Mr. Jordan Lindsey has been working on the project for the past couple of years and complete in 2017. Later that year, Mr. Jordan Lindseylaunched a crowdsale for cryptocurrency on the platform Waves which achieved great success. The cryptocurrency is one that he created and named Nucleus. Along with that, Mr. Jordan Lindsey also made the official announcement about his Bitcoin Growth Bot and provided a more in-depth introduction to it.

For the future, Mr. Jordan Lindsey has various plans, but one of his main goals is to create a self-funding charity organization. He wishes to help people who have given up on comfortable living and taken on poverty in order to help those who have been unable to escape it. He also wishes to help provide education and opportunities for youth living in poverty.

Mr. Jordan Lindsey believes that that will make his career undoubtedly meaningful as he would be able to help change and potentially save lives.

Finding Passion and Success Like Vijay Eswaran

One of the dreams that people have is to succeed beyond their wildest imaginations. However, they are often not prepared for the type of work that they are going to have to do in order to pull it off. As a matter of fact, the type of work that goes into this type of success is the work that requires passion. This is one of the reasons that people are urged to follow what they are passionate. At the same time, entrepreneurs like Vijay Eswaran does not recommend that people quit their jobs before they are successful at what they are doing. As a matter of fact, his example shows wisdom.

One thing that Vijay has done when getting started was keep his job and use his free time in order to work on his business. While he was building his business, he also worked his regular job. It was when the money he was making exceeded his regular job that he started planning an exit strategy. Also, given the time it takes to actually succeed at a business, Vijay would recommend that people keep their jobs as long as they can so that they can still have the support they need.

One thing that Vijay does not recommend is for people to walk out on their job and then pursue their passion. This is the one area that leads to failure. For one thing, there are a lot of limits that can come with any method of pursuing passion. When people are faced with this limit, then they are going to find themselves hitting a wall of regret. One thing that Vijay Eswaran said is that it can take 10 years for one to be successful. Part of this is because of the trial and error phase and the changes that the market go through.

Sheldon Lavin: True Success

There are many examples of successful people out in the world. Success is measured different by different people but there is a large amount of people that can be considered very successful by most people. These people have achieved great feats and have built a resume of work that has either changed the world or made it stop and stare for a moment. One man that can truly be called successful because of his accomplishments and hard work is Sheldon Lavin.

Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive officer and Chairman of a company called OSI. This company manufactures and processes food items like poultry, fish, vegetables, dough products, and other meats. This company in recent years has experienced tremendous success under Lavin’s experience and direction. Lavin was able to grow this company using knowledge he acquired over the years from attending schools like the Northwestern university and the university of Illinois where he majored in finance and accounting. Maybe his penchant for the food processing industry is a result of his knowledge he got from the Roosevelt University in Chicago Illinois where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in business.

Lavin actually had his own business first which was about financial advice and consultations. He had this business for about 15 years before he got involved with Otto & Sons the company that eventually evolved into OSI. Sheldon Lavin has lead this company ton great success as they have over 65 facilities in over 15 countries. The company is now worth a couple billion now. They have expanded overseas and now provide jobs worldwide. Sheldon Lavin received an award for this, the Visionary Award. The growth of his company under him has become so big that they are helping economies all over the world when they put factories there.

Sheldon Lavin is not only successful because he grew a business, but he is successful because he knows what is important. He is very charitable and is a prominent member of the Ronald McDonald house charities as well as the Sheba house. He is a chairman of their capital campaign. BY giving back he shows he is truly successful because he has a great career and a great character.

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David Giertz Advice on Retirement Savings

David Giertz has more than 30 years experience in the financial services industry where he has worked consistently to bring about profitable growth. He has worked in many large organizations which include Nationwide Financial’s as the president, and Citigroup where he held several executive leadership positions.

David Giertz is also a certified business coach and often gives advice on financial matters. Recently, having paid a close attention to the millennial generation, Mr. Giertz has decided to share a worrisome observation he has made concerning their financial planning.

Though most American have been earning throughout their productive years, very few have managed to save money enough to allow them to lead comfortable lives on retiring. Most people may view retirement to be very expensive, which can be very true especially for individuals who face an early retirement and live long fun-filled and healthy lives. Sadly, some retirement savings for some individuals are barely enough to sustain them for a few years.

Another troubling issue is how most retiring people start emptying their Social Security funds way too early. This reduces the total amount supposed to be paid out by the Social Security program of the United States as well as lower monthly payments for those who don’t wait to reach the retirement age.

David Giertz says that retired or rather retiring people mostly do make some common mistakes. It is easier to save up money for retirement from an early age as compared to doing it just a few years to retirement. Giertz highlights a few things to note:

  1. Always remember the Roth Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) contributions income limits.

Roth IRA is one of the common retirement accounts that is aided by the employer and run by the government. People make equal monthly contributions and one cannot exceed a certain limit in their contributions depending on the bracket they belong.

  1. Contribution limits for 401(k)

This is another saving account type that is operated by the U.S government.

  1. The Saver’s Credit

According to Giertz, this is an important account that should not be sidelined. It has a new annual contribution limit catering for the different levels.

  1. Deduction Limits for Internal Revenue Agency.

Giertz says that it’s hard for taxpayers to deduct IRA contributions from a certain years’ adjustable gross income if they fall back on the employer-provided retirement saving accounts.

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Glen Wakeman – The Business Start-Ups Best Friend

Inspired by the book The Art of War by Sun Tzu that outlined successful business strategies, Glen Wakeman developed over a 30-year career, proven strategies to build businesses and mentor businesspersons. Glen believes the principles of teamwork, discipline, and preparation are critical and he outlines business strategies for start-ups that propels them into successful businesses by using networking, collaboration, preparation, and discipline as four pillars of success. Glen has been successful in guiding budding entrepreneurs throughout his career in the U.S., Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa. His education and training have made him uniquely suited for success.

Glen Wakeman has an undergraduate degree in business and finance from the University of Scranton and an MBA from the University of Chicago. As an innovative executive, Wakeman has served at large and small corporations. He has worked as a CEO and as an entrepreneur. A global financial executive, Wakeman has traveled and worked extensively throughout the United States and abroad; he has worked in six countries on five continents. His experiences and travels give him a unique global perspective and insight into global emerging markets. Glen shares his knowledge and expertise with budding entrepreneurs through his blog where he shares his intimate knowledge and understanding of the worldwide marketplace and developing start-ups around the world.

Wakeman is the co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, a business he launched and where he serves as the CEO. LaunchPad is a company that works with businesspersons to help move their ideas from a concept to a successful business plan. Through LaunchPad, Glen assists businesspersons in structuring and organizing their ideas (Alivenewspaper). Glen is also the founder and president of Nova Four, a company that accelerates the growth and development of start-ups by providing expert advice and access to capital.

Glen’s tip for entrepreneurs is not to give up. Sometimes an entrepreneur’s best efforts do not translate into a viable business and when that happens many executives want to give up. Glen discourages that notion and not only encourages them to persevere; he provides them with proven strategies to turn early failures into successes.


The IRS is please with the US Money Reserve

Many people in the United States of America are currently petrified of the amount they owe on their taxes for the 2017 year. These people are scouring the internet to find ways to lower what they all so that they can afford it somehow.

The US Reserve has released an article that details how each and every one of us can easily lower our tax costs while also preparing for the future.

They begin by telling the reader to open up an IRA account that can be used to save up for retirement. They then recommend you open up multiple retirement accounts in order to get the maximum benefit. The IRS will allow you to get each of the following benefits for each retirement account, and as you’ll see, this adds up to be quite a lot.

As long as you open up an IRA before the April 17 deadline then you are allowed to count this investment as if it was occurring in the 2017 year. This is essential since many people only have a few days to prepare for their taxes.

The first thing you want to do is donate the maximum allowed for your IRA. For most people who are under 50 years old the maximum amount of money they can contribute to the IRA is $5500. Read more: US Money Reserve | LinkedIn and US Money Reserve | Bizjournals

This counts as untaxed income and is often enough to lower somebody into the smaller tax area. This can also be used to set up an IRA for spouse who is no longer working or for some reason decided to stay at home.

Once you begin doing that you want to fill out the proper form of the IRS in order to get that money returned to you as credit. This is what’s known as the saver’s credit clause.

Depending on multiple different factors, you can receive anywhere between 10% to 50% of the $5500 back as credit. This means you literally make $2250 and save up for your retirement. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

In addition, you should sign the document so your tax return will go straight to your IRA. This allows you to get additional credits which can not only pay off what you owe but also go into your bank account if there’s any excess.

The last thing that they recommend doing this to back your IRA with precious metals which stand against inflation well indeed.

Louis Chenevert is the Best Business Man

Louis Chenevert dedicated his entire life to being a productive businessman. He was born and raised in Montréal, Québec and he knew of the prestigious University of Montréal and its business affiliate program. He would gain a bachelors of production management from the HEC Montréal school of business.

His professors would pull some strings and would get him a job working as the Pontiac production general manager. He would stay with General Motors for 14 years before he was hired as the vice president of Pratt & Whitney.

His skills in business became evident at Pratt & Whitney and when their president step down in 1999 he was offered the role to lead the company. After working there for seven years he was picked up by the juggernaut the United Technologies Corporation.

The United Technologies Corporation was the world’s largest aerospace manufacturer. They were known for their high quality jet engines, sensors, aerospace systems, and flight controls. Their highest clients were the military in the United States of America as well is commercial airlines both in the United States and abroad.

He was able to command the compensation package from United Technologies Corporation upwards of $23 million. $1.3 million was his base salary but he was given a cash bonus of $4.3 million every year. Here’s granted stock options up to $11 million and given other company benefits around $4.3 million.

He was able to command such a package because he was able to get this net worth of the company to $63 billion. reports that this is a hard thing to do in the state of Connecticut. However, even running the business in Connecticut he was still able to outpace the Dow Jones industrial and the S&P 500 when it came to generating shareholder returns.

The United Technologies Corporation has faithfully paid its dividends for over seven decades has increased the dividend payments year-by-year.

Since stepping down from United Technologies Corporation he became the vice chairman of the executive committee for the business councils in 2011 and 2012. He works asa consultant at Goldman Sachs for retirement.

Talos Energy: In Pursuit of Greatness

When it comes to oil & gas companies, there is a high number of these companies all around the globe. Offshore-drilling for natural resources has been around for over a century, and it brings in billions of dollars of an annual basis. This is one of the most profitable industries of all-time, but it’s also very demanding. Have you ever heard of Talos Energy? Houston-based Talos Energy works in the Gulf Coast and Gulf of Mexico regions. It is a privately owned oil & gas company that’s specializes in offshore exploration as well as specializes in production.

In 2017, the nation of Mexico opened its waters for offshore exploration. Most people wouldn’t think twice about hearing this news, but Mexico’s waters have been off-limits for any foreign companies. Throughout the years, Mexico has been dominated by Petroleos Mexicanos. This is a state-run oil & gas company, but it has monopolized the industry to keep-out any foreign entities. Fortunately, today is a new day and Mexico has allowed competitors from other countries to enter the playing field. Close to 80 years has passed since the nation of Mexico has done this, but the outcome could result in huge growth. The Sureste Basin was the point of location for this project, and it has tremendous potential. The Zama-1 well will be the weapon of choice. This is a joint-venture for Talos Energy as it will be joined by Premier Oil of London and Mexico’s very own Sierre Oil & Gas.

This extraordinary basin in the Gulf of Mexico is expected to hold up to 500 million barrels of crude oil. This company has been on the fast track to success in recent years and in 2013, the company acquired Helix Energy Solutions Group for a whopping $620 million. Talos Energy is making business moves left and right, and it’s setting new market-trends.

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