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spear/magic build:NiohComplete Edition.

Spirit/Dexterity/Magic build: the most adaptable build in Nioh in my opinion Misc. Just thought I'd share my favorite and by far my most effective build with everyone. Honestly I can't think of a great set to match up to that particular combo. You may as well go with Dual Swords or Kusarigama early on for the Magic stat scaling on weapon, but as long as you are patient enough I am pretty sure you can get Magic Scaling A on. and conclusion for when you find an Omnyo Magic scaling weapon:-This build only works as a improvisation till you find a decent weapon that is scaling from Omnyo Magic.-This make your weapon scale from the Omnyo Magic stat instead of the the weapon stats Body, Heart, Strength, Skill, Dexterity themselves. The build could look as follows then.

13/02/2017 · Unlocking Onmyo magic status effects sounds lame compared to awesome sword techniques or killer ninja tricks, but some of the Onmyo debuffs can turn even the toughest Nioh boss into an absolute joke. These overpowered skills might not sound that exciting to. A lot of players, like me, come to a game like Nioh wondering how to build their character optimally. There is more than one kind of build that's effective, but in this guide I'll focus on a particular build that emphasizes high damage output and survivability. [Tips] [BUILD] Nioh starter guide for first build to prep for endgame without build regrets! Tips. Close. 583. Posted by. u/Thechanman707. 2 years ago. Archived. Get enough Jutsu and/or Magic to get the skills you want.

12/02/2017 · Nioh Builds Guide: Our picks for the best builds for different weapons. by Zack Reese, 07 November, 2017. If there's one thing Nioh has going for it above all others, there is a lot of loot to pick up - and in Nioh:. In this build. Onmyo Magic Information. The Onmyo Mage harnesses the balance of yin and yang to power his magic. Master this balance and the five elements, and you shall fear no man or yokai. Onmyo Magic are the elemental and spiritual based arts such as Talismans, and each individual skill is known as a Jutsu. There is no set bonus armor for an onmyo magic build, but there is onmyo mage armor cloth in the light armor category. You want to always wear the helmet for the reduced cast time. The chest, pants, boots, and gloves only provide slightly more onmyo magic power or extra defense based on your magic.

I've got a dual katana magic ninja build, running 30 Ninjutsu, 30 Onmyo, 15 Spirit, 15 Body, and 15 Skill trying to get up to 20-25 at least. It's pretty beastly. I've got. Best Katana Build. Stats: Heart, Body, Skill. The Katana is a great starting weapon in the game for those unfamiliar to this genre. In this build, you’ll want to focus on the Heart stat as the weapon’s effectiveness is affected by that, meaning it will do more damage the more you increase it. 10/11/2017 · It's a good idea for any build to grab a little bit of Omnyo Magic & Nintestu skills. Even starting out, putting 10 in magicdex to use a few skills isn't a bad idea. You can debuff enemies defense by 25% with Omnyo Magic, while buffing your attack power with Ninjetsu power pills. That's a massive damage increase in boss fights. 10/02/2019 · Kusarigama Build. As described before, the Kusarigama covers a wide range with incredible speed and lengthy combos. In order to make the best use of that, though, you’ll definitely need to outfit William accordingly. The Kusarigama in Nioh is not a heavy weapon and therefore isn’t very useful for a heavy build thanks to the different use of.

[Tips] [BUILD] Nioh starter guide for first build.

09/02/2017 · Nioh – Dual Swords Build. The Dual Swords in Nioh are probably the fastest weapons you’ll find in the game. Compared to the Sword, Axe, and Spear, they can feel pretty weak. However, the Dual Swords are invaluable when it comes to mobility and the capability to dash in and out when trying to land attacks on your foes. 10/02/2017 · Nioh – Spear Build. Spears are one of the five weapon types you can equip in Nioh, and knowing just how to use them can make you an incredibly deadly force in battle. Spears are the best weapons for range in Nioh, and that’s something that’ll definitely factor into your strategy if you’re choosing a Spear build. 07/11/2017 · Nioh Stats & Leveling Up Guide: what stats do, and which to improve. by Zack Reese,. suggestions for the best build. Nioh doesn't necessarily feature any real "best build" like with some other games. - This is the type of build you want to use if you're interested in using a lot of magic while being very effective against yokai. Nioh - Overpowered Onmyo Magic/Spear Build [Part 1 Early Game] GameRottenHD. 47,561 views. 2 years ago. 3:10. Nioh Onmyo build WotW. Daryl Rucker. 8,104 views. 2 years ago. 14:06. Nioh - Omoikane Dual-Elements Ultimate ONMYO Build! Patch 1.20 Thales Moustache. 11,197 views. Streamed 2 years ago. 13.

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