Milan Kordestani Keeps Trying Until He Succeeds

Milan is a champion equestrian, prolific writer, hard working college student, and a great business owner.

The 19 year old was born in California but moved to London after the divorce of his parents.

During his high school years, Milan moved back to California where he attended and graduated high school.

He is now a college student who rides horses while working for the Huffington Post and running his own business.

That’s quite a mouthful.

Milan wears a lot of pants, but he has passion for each of his roles and does them well.

For the Huffington Post, Milan writes about politics, agriculture, and mental health.

His farm is called Milan Farms. On it, he grows saffron, mint, and eggs.

He is committed to raising his chickens in a humane way, and everything that is grown on his farm is completely organic.

In fact, Milan is always searching for new ways to improve his crops and his methods of growing them.

Currently, he is conducting research on growing saffron hydroponically.

He has been seeing great results in his experimentation but is allowing his research more time before he offers his consumers crops that are grown 100% hydroponically.

When Milan’s mint and saffron are fully grown, he ships them to customers all over the world.

His organic eggs are shipped all over the west coast.

Milan is a competing equestrian who has been riding horses since the age of 10.

During his first experience atop a horse, the animal went wild, threw Milan off, and ran away.

If Milan was hurt, he didn’t show it because he was too focused on getting back on that horse.

He chased the horse, climbed back atop it, and began to ride again.

Most 10 year olds would have been frightened after getting thrown from a horse. Some would probably never ride again.

However, this is just one of the examples that sets Milan apart from his peers.

His drive, ambition, and determination to excel at the things that interest him keep him busy, believing in himself, and moving forward.

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