Meet Glen Wakeman; CEO of LaunchPad Holdings

Glen Wakeman is a successful entrepreneur who has vast knowledge in finance. Wakeman is a great mentor who wants to see excellent ideas turned to plans that eventually lead to a successful business. His passion to see a business grow is unmatched, and he has developed five key points that guide a business to glory. These key performance areas include; governance, execution, risk management, leadership and human capital. This proven methodology of Wakeman has been very beneficial to many people in business and those starting up. Read more about Glen Wakeman at Affiliate Dork.

Glen Wakeman is highly educated. Glen joined the University of Scranton where he attained a degree in economics and finance. Later he joined the University of Chicago where he attained his MBA in finance. After education, Wakeman started his career at GE Capital. Also, he founded Nova Four which offers advice and access to capital for developing businesses. He has been president and CEO in several organizations, and that has contributed to his experience in the finance industry.

Glen Wakeman provides financial advice in angel investing and raising capital. He founded LaunchPad Holding in 2015. LaunchPad Holdings is a fully automated software service company which assists early-stage entrepreneurs to actualize their ideas into workable plans. Also, the LaunchPad Toolkit has essential suggestions and tips to guide entrepreneurs as they start and grow their companies. Glen decided to start LaunchPad to help reduce the failure percentage of start-ups that have good ideas. He believes a good idea in business should lead to a successful business. The designed software platform is simpler and very essential in business growth and expansion.

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Glen Wakeman brings new ideas to life by explaining them to people around him and with time he thinks about them and then takes the bold step to actualize them. He has a high curiosity which makes him more productive in the business world. To make work easier and save some coins, Wakeman uses special web services like Live chat, Doodle, and Fiver. Glen is also motivated by some books like The Art of War by Sun Tzu which breaks life into lessons.


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