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Rehab exercises after an MCL injury include stretches and muscle strengthening exercises. Medial Collateral Ligament MCL Sprain Rehabilitation Exercises Therapy. Passive knee extension: Do this exercise if you are not able to extend your knee fully. 21/10/2017 · If you've ever watched an athlete take a “hit” to the outer knee that pushes the knee inward, you've seen an MCL being injured. It's frequently sprained in sports like basketball, football, soccer and skiing. But you don’t have to be a pro athlete to suffer an MCL injury -- a pick-up game in hoops or football can leave you hobbling home. An MCL, or medial collateral ligament, tear is usually caused by excessive twisting and/or a blow to the side of the knee and is accompanied by swelling, instability and severe pain in the inside of the knee. MCL injuries are most common in contact sports such as basketball and football but may also occur gradually as an overuse injury. These exercises are used in Phases I and II of MCL rehabilitation, further exercises for sports specific, proprioception, agility and power exercises will be described in a future blog. For further information, I encourage you to read Edson, 2006, and Brukner & Khan, 2012.

You can advance to the following exercise program to help you regain knee motion and strength. If the exercises can be performed easily after the first week, then an ankle weight may be used to increase the resistance of the exercise and to build strength. Start with one pound and add one pound per week until you reach five pounds. This is an old article from the 2016 NFL season that covers MCL injury rehabilitation. To go directly to MCL injury rehabilitation considerations, click here. A trio of star NFL running backs Le’Veon Bell, Matt Forte, and Reggie Bush went down with MCL injuries this past week. Week 8. PHASE 2: SIX WEEKS AFTER INJURY ONWARD, 3 WEELS AFTER INJURY This handout is to help you rebuild the strength of the knee muscles after injury to the MCL of the knee. It is intended as a guideline to help you organize a structured approach to strengthen the knee. EXERCISE PROGRAM Range of Motion and Strengthening Exercises.

The medial collateral ligament MCL is on the inner part of the knee. It prevents your knee from bending inwards. An injury of the MCL can cause enough pain and instability in your knee to prevent you from working, going to school, participating in your favorite sport or. Apply cold therapy and compression as soon as possible following injury and for 15 minutes every 2 hours for the next 24 to 48 hours. The frequency of application can be gradually reduced over the next few days to no less than 3 times a day and always after mobility or strengthening exercises. Stretching exercises for the lower leg and upper body.

MCL Sprain Recovery Time & Treatment Protocol. You’re likely reading this because you are on the receiving end of a pretty crummy feeling. In the midst of some form of activity, you likely twisted or turned your knee at a bad angle, and heard a loud pop. REHABILITATION OF ISOLATED MCL SPRAINS This program may be accelerated for Grade I MCL Sprains or may be extended depending on the severity of the injury. The following schedule serves as guidelines to help in the expediency of returning a patient to his or her pre-injury state. Add sports specific exercises and plyometrics. GRADE II INJURY WEEK ONE. GOALS: 1. Active range of motion -10 to 70. 2. Independent weight bearing as tolerated gait pattern with use of crutches and brace on if appropriate. 3. CLINICAL PROTOCOL FOR GRADE I/II MCL INJURY. 27/06/2010 · Symptoms of an injured MCL include pain, possible swelling, and a feeling of instability when trying to stand. Depending on the severity of the injury, after addressing the initial trauma, therapeutic exercises may be recommended to rehabilitate and strengthen the knee.

Medial Collateral Ligament Sprain. Article by J. Miller, S.Armfield. What is your Medial Collateral Ligament? Your medial collateral ligament MCL is the knee ligament on the medial inner side of your knee connecting the medial femoral condyle and the medial tibial condyle. 13/10/2017 · Your physical therapist will give you exercises to strengthen the leg muscles around your knee so it works properly. It’s rare for someone with an MCL injury to need surgery, since this ligament can often heal within a few weeks or months with the help of other measures. But you might need it, especially if another part of your knee is also hurt. The knee rehab exercises here will help to strengthen your quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves as well as improving your balance and stability. Before embarking on these advanced knee rehab exercises, if you haven't already I suggest you start with the basic and intermediate strengthening exercises.

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