Lime Crime Releases Pocket Candy Palettes

Anyone who knows anything about Lime Crime beauty products knows that they are bright and make a statement. These beauty products is meant to make any person feel beautiful and be able to express themselves through colors. They have done it again with their new line of Polly Pocket inspired make up. On September 19 they launched their line of Pocket Candy Palettes. The palettes are designed to look exactly like the ones you use to play with as a child, except they open up to reveal eye shadow. There are 3 different palettes colors that reveal 5 different eye shadow colors inside. To give you options, there are 5 colors but there are bright and neutral colors in each palette.

Each Pocket Candy Palette is $34, but you can purchase all three for $90. These prices coincide with their other palette collection, the Venus Palettes. The fact that Doe Deere puts in the effort to make sure that her beauty products are certified vegan and cruelty free makes the price well worth it. Their signature lipsticks start at $12 and have even recently started selling vegan hair dye starting at $16. Each product is designed specifically for any person to make a statement and are priced to allow every person to be able to afford them.

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime. She was inspired by unicorns and that is how she began this company. Doe wants people to get excited and obsess over their products as much as she is obsessed over them. So whether you are looking to color your nails, eyes, lips, or hair you have a relatively inexpensive and bright option. If you want to make a statement to the world then Lime Crime is the company for you to try.

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