Jeff Herman Is A Trial Lawyer Who Focuses On Helping Sexual Abuse Victims

Jeff Herman is a trial lawyer who also advocates for rape survivors and others who have fallen prey to sexual exploitation or abuse. He is known all over the world for his passion and skill, and his practice only takes on cases related to sexual abuse. The idea for Herman Law came when Herman was a commercial litigator and was referred to a case where a kid had been abused from a convicted pedophile. The reason it happened, in the first place, was because the school had hired this pedophile, and Herman discovered that this kind of thing happened all-too-often. He took on the case and discovered that he had found his calling in life.

Jeff Herman relies on his own passion and knowledge to succeed and help out the victims he often represents. He has represented over a thousand individuals who have been the victims of sexual abuse, in one way or another, and has built his practice to be the success it is today by focusing most of his energy on it. He is known as a pioneer in his field and as someone who truly cares about his clients. When he has a case, he relies on his team to help him get to the bottom of what really happened and how to approach the case. His team is full of former law enforcement officials and others who can help him to sift through the details of each case to help him spot issues and glaring truths that others may not find as easily.

Jeff Herman has found that laying everything out on a large whiteboard for each case really helps him to understand the timeline of events. As a visual learner, this helps him out tremendously. When Jeff is working on a case, it is hard to shake his focus, because he gives every case his full attention without allowing any kind of distractions to knock him off course. He is glad that people are beginning to come out of the woodwork, more and more, to share their stories of abuse with others. It is not that it isn’t hard to hear about these kinds of things happening, but it is good for people to share them so others know they are not alone.

Jeff Herman

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