Jacob Gottlieb and How Covenant House has Helped Homeless Children

With an extensive education, such as a bachelor of arts in Economics, and a master degree from New York University Medical School, Jacob Gottlieb has been fortunate to be part, and start his own financial business. Jacob Gottlieb before being the founder and chief investment officer of Visium Asset Managment, an investment firm that uses multi-strategy solutions with over six billion dollars worth of assets under management. He was a portfolio manager and partner for Balyasny Asset Managment. Jacob was also a portfolio manager for Merlin. With so much wealth accumulated, he has donated to multiple charities, in particular, one that he has been a long supporter of, the charity Covenant House, which is a charity that aims to help homeless children and teens from the streets. These children range from victims of human trafficking, kids, and teens who have run away due to abuse, and kids and teens who are homeless, and in need of shelter. Covenant House efforts and Jacob Gottlieb charity have led to over one million children and teens to be saved. Covenant housing has three barriers which help these children, and terms are saved from harm. One barrier is a continuum of care so that even if the children and teens become independent if they fall back or have a setback, Covenant Housing provides a home so these children don’t suffer the same predicament they were in before. With more money being donated, and charitable donations from wealthy individuals such as Jacob Gottlieb, the charity continues to grow and support children who are homeless, increasing by twenty thousand each week.

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