Investment Firm Highland Capital

Highland Capital Management is a premier investment firm based in Dallas, Texas. The firm has been in existence for over two decades and ranks among the top investment firms when it comes to providing comprehensive financial services. Its main specialty is debt and credit based securities. As well as offering things such as collateralized loan obligations, the firm also provides other services such as wealth management, hedge funds, private equity securities and also investment capital management for companies. Highland Capital Management assists a diverse range of clients such as individuals, corporations, pension fund investors and also government entities. With its many years of experience, Highland Capital Management is one of the most trusted financial service firms in the world.

The origins of the firm date back to the year 1990 when Mark Okada and James Dondero co founded the firm. When it was first founded, it was a company that specialized in life insurance. As a leading life insurance company, the firm would quickly establish itself as a trusted company in this area of financial services. While the firm was quite successful during its first few years, the founders wanted to expand the firm’s offerings of products and services. As a result, the firm would begin its expansion in 1993 when it first began offering services such as capital management. Eventually, the firm would begin offering other things such as hedge funds, equity securities and asset management for individual investors. By the end of the 1990’s decade, the firm would name itself Highland Capital Management.

One of the reasons why Highland Capital Management is a top investment firm is because of the many ways in which it can help its clients. The firm often assists major corporations that are looking to invest in things such as hedge funds and private equity securities. The firm also helps corporations manage debt and credit based securities as well. Highland Capital Management provides assistance to government entities that are looking to manage large sums of capital as well. This firm helps individual investors by providing financial advisory and wealth management. It often assists clients that are pension fund investors and high net worth individuals.

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