How Southridge Capital Helps Clients Through Its Financial Services Offerings

Southridge Capital, LLC, is a progressive financial services company headquartered in Ridgefield, Connecticut. It was established in 1996 and it offers many financial services to its clients such as securities brokerage and investment banking. It is a privately held company which was founded by Stephen M. Hicks and he is the chief executive officer. Other top executives are Chief Financial Officer Tom Saunders, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel Henry B. Sargent, Controller and Chief Financial Officer Narine Persaud, Director of Research Laurence J. Ditkoff, and Linda Carlsen who is the Portfolio Manager.

This company offers many services to its clients one of which is structured financing. These are broadly defined as credit enhancing, financing solutions, and securitization services. Credit enhancing, for example, involves convincing those who the client owes money to that they should convert some of that debt to common stock. Southridge Capital can also help clients find new financing solutions when they need cash to build their business such as by launching a new product or expanding into a new area. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Southridge Capital is also an advisory firm. They can assist clients in such financial transactions as doing an initial public stock offering or optimizing their balance sheet management, for example. They have also handled both the buy-side and sell-side in many mergers and acquisitions transactions. Some clients’ needs to know where they stand financially and so the experts at Southridge Capital can use their experience to determine a client’s needs when it comes to cash as well as projecting what their financial needs will be going forward given some assumptions both operationally and financially. Check out for more

This company also invests in other privately and publically held businesses. They have directly invested more than $1.8 billion into a number of companies around the world. To date they have invested in more than 250 businesses since their founding and are always looking for great companies that their analysts see as overperforming in the coming years.

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