How Fortress Investment Group Is Singing To The Tunes Of Success Thanks To Peter Briger

About two decades ago, Goldman Sachs & Co, bid Peter Briger, a partner farewell after being with them for a decade and a half. He made a transition to Fortress investment group where he took the leadership mantle as the Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Fortress Investment Group. With substantial knowledge on Investment Banking, the role of Peter Bridger was converting debt laden assets into money for the company a position he served with utmost excellence.

In depth look at Fortress Investment Group under Briger.

The success of Fortress Investment Group when it comes to financial growth is attributed to Peter involvement. Ever since he joined, the institution has made some remarkable strides in its line of business. For instance under Briger’s leadership Fortress investment group has been able to refurbish railway assets that the firm acquired at a throw away price a move that attracted and was acknowledged by Soft Bank.

The Japanese bank acknowledged this move as it was in line with its vision fund which primarily focuses on better infrastructure for a better tomorrow. This has not only helped Fortress expand its horizons but also left Peter Briger and his fellow principals with extra billions in their accounts.

Currently as the head of real estate and the credit fund business divisions of Fortress Investment Group, he continues to grow the company as well as himself. Today he sails together with the high profile members of the business community and even ranks 317 on Forbes list of top 400 billionaires. He stays relevant and on top of his game even when there is an economic crisis because of his involvement in markets where most people tend to turn their backs on.

Experience and Career Growth

Peter Briger holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the prestigious Princeton University and an MBA from Wharton school of business. As mentioned earlier he started his career growth at Goldman Sachs where he juggled between management, operational and leadership departments. He served in various committees such as the Global Control and the Compliance Committee just to state a few. After Goldman Sachs he moved to Fortress Investment armed with skills on foreign investments, distressed debt, real estate and loans and trading

Peter Briger’s life outside FIG’s office

Beneath the surface of all the success, Peter Briger, commonly known as Pete by his close associates, is a man with a big heart and who understands that a little effort can go a long way in making someone’s life better. That is why he is heavily involved in charity. For instance, Mr. Briger has been involved in the funding of Princeton Alumni Education Fund (PAEF) which often goes a long way in helping those with the desire to start their own business. He is also instrumental in the conservation of New York’s central park and an avid donor to various charity courses.

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