How End Citizens United Is Approaching Politics In The Era Of Trump

A frank discussion regarding the state of government in the United States cannot be had without recognizing how much has changed since 2010. What happened in 2010? Well, that was the year that James Bopp and the conservative thinktank Citizens United succeeded in upending America at the highest level of our government. There’s more to the story and definitely more to the resistance so let us dig in.

Before we get to 2010 we have to go back a little bit further to 2008. In 2008 James Bopp appeared before the FEC in order to argue for allowing ‘Hillary: The Movie’ to air via on-demand television services at the same time that the 2008 Democratic Primaries were underway. The goal was simple: to smear Clinton with a 90 minute attack ad that circumvented campaign rules and restrictions. Bopp knew what he was doing. Still, the lawyer failed in this undertaking but he would return in 2010 for the pivotal case we cited in our introduction.

Citizens United is a conservative group that asked the government, essentially, to stop putting so many rules on how much money billionaires and special interests could flood into the government. For a wonder the Supreme Court relented. This directly resulted in untold billions of dollars over the past eight years flooding into the American government. The government no longer works for the people. It works for the billions that flood into the pockets of politicians around the country.

Fortunately all is not lost and fortunately people are starting to realize that there is a path to resistance. End Citizens United was established with the sole goal of undoing the 2010 Supreme Court decision. There have been many political action groups created since 2010 but none of them have come as close to being as effective as End Citizens United.

End Citizens United is spearheaded by Tiffany Muller but backed by the entire Democratic party. Still, despite being founded by progressives the benefits that End Citizens United could bring would help everyone in the country and, by proxy, the rest of the world. End Citizens United wants to put power back into the hands of every day Americans who go to the voting booths in order to make their voice heard. End Citizens United doesn’t believe that billion dollar corporations should be able to buy their own personal politicians.

In order for End Citizens United to find success they will have to endorse and help elect progressive officials who believe in stripping the Citizens United decision. As a result, End Citizens United has been working hard to raise funds in order to back politicians. They’ve already raised $4 million of their $35 million goal and the year is just beginning.

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