How $91k Was Spent On The 50th Birthday Celebration Of OG Juan

Juan “OG” Perez turned 50 this year. But turning 50 wasn’t a big deal, the birthday anniversary celebration was. The close friend and business partner of Hip-hop star Jay Z saw a unique birthday party. Not unique based on the type of cars or hotels, but on the bills spent.

Of course, Jay Z is known for his lavish lifestyle, and he couldn’t wait for the chance to display his financial strengths at a birthday party. It is reported that he spent at least $113, 000 on celebration. They paid $22k for dinner and drinks, and the remaining $91k was spent on a birthday tab!

Preparation for the night took time, and every detail was considered. Desiree Perez, the wife of OG Juan, started the preparation process with friends earlier.

After fine-tuning all the details, the group of OG Juan’s wife, friends, and the two Roc Nation Executives (OG and Jay Z) began with the Japanese Zuma on the evening of Sunday. The Japanese restaurant served team with Japanese foods like lobsters and other delicacies that accrued to $13k.

Next, the group landed in a Mexican club in Inwood for drinks. The night saw the group consume liquors worth $9k.

But the celebrations were not over. OG Juan and co ended up at Playroom Nightclub for celebrations peak. Here, 40 bottles of champagne was served. They spent $91k on champagne, probably, the highest price the nightclub has received on a nightcap. To be specific, the team paid $91,135 as displayed on the club’s receipt.

The news was publicized by Page Six. On Twitter, different reactions met the OG Juan Birthday Bash. Some questioned the use of 40 champagne bottles by only six people. Page Six had to clarify later, that the crew distributed some bottles to other people in the club. But, indeed, the 50-year-old OG Juan had a birthday celebration of its kind.

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