GoBuyside Provides Talent for New Data Regulation Needs

GoBuyside is an online job recruitment platform. They connect investment professional and talent in the investing world. They pride themselves on their ability to find top talent from all over the world to be placed with prestigious hedge funds, Fortune 500 companies and the like. They search out needed talent for many different aspects of a business. GoBuyside stays on top of new compliance and other laws for these types of companies throughout the world. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at Interview.net.

In 2016 the European Union passed new personal data handling laws. GoBuyside is ready and armed with great new talent to fill these learning curve gaps for international and European based companies. They understand that the new laws will require some big changes in how data is handled and processed and have been gearing up with specialists ready to insert into companies needing to catch up in these areas.

The new European laws are called General Data Protection regulations (GDPR). These new laws essentially give the subject of the data more privacy and freedom. Under the new legislation, subjects have access to what data is being processed about them. In addition, data processors are required to reveal why and for what purpose personal data is being used. Data breaches within a company holding personal data on people must now be reported 72 hours after discovery. Subjects now have the right to abrogate a companies rights to their data and less in-depth data is allowed to be processed without the subject’s knowledge as before.

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These are all big changes for many large and small companies that deal with personal data from people of the European Union. GoBuyside understands the need for new talent to come in and make sure that companies are in compliance so that they can avoid possible costly lawsuits and the like.

GoBuyside strives to find the perfect talent for all of their client’s needs. Up to date on ever-changing laws and regulations throughout the world. Whether it be new data regulations, cutting edge programmers, or professionals in the cryptocurrency markets that are needed. GoBuyside takes the time to find the best candidates. Visit Ziprecruiter for career and employment opportunities at GoBuyside.

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