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Glen Wakemen is an entrepreneur who founded LaunchPad Holdings LLC. His educational background includes an undergraduate degree in economics and a master’s degree in finance. He has worked in many financial companies such as GE Capital and Doral Financial Corp before starting his own business. Below are some highlights from his interview that is featured on

The first question given to Glen Wakemen on his interview was how did he come up with the idea to start LaunchPad Holdings LLC. Mr. Wakemen responded that he enjoys investing money into new ideas. Glen Wakemen then said that a lot of new ideas spring from startups, yet the failure rate of startups is very high. This led Glen Wakemen to examine this failure rate further.

Upon closer examination, Glen Wakemen found that many new startups and ideas lack an organized plan. Mr. Wakemen says that an idea is not a plan. They are two separate things. One can have a great idea, but without a plan to execute the idea, the idea can be useless. Glen says he came up with LaunchPad Holdings to provide software that would make building a plan for new businesses simple and easy. Read more at Premier Gazette about Glen Wakeman.

The next question asked of Glen Wakemen was how does an average day look for him and how does he make it productive. Mr. Wakemen says he begins his day’s work by reviewing prior data and numbers such as the amount of sales, cash on hand and performance. After the review, Glen Wakemen has meetings with other team members at his company. The meetings involve dividing up tasks, editing designs, paying expenses and discussing sales. After conferences and meetings, Glen Wakemen plans for the future by looking at competitors, researching trends in his field and looking at customer inquiries and communication. At the end of the day, Glen Wakemen likes to settle down with a cup of tea, coffee or a margarita. Read more about Glen Wakeman at

Mr. Wakemen believes that dividing up tasks and having trust in your employees is paramount to success in business. He also states that moving on is also important. If you get stuck in the past, then you are bound to get overtaken.


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