Fabletics Is Leading the Way With Their Original Marketing Strategies Again

Fabletics has always been a pioneer in the fashion industry. They are always coming up with new marketing strategies, and they are always leading the way when it comes to marketing in general. This can be clearly seen from the way they are leveraging the power of the crowd to increase sales and grow their business.


Fabletics is one of the brands that are capitalizing on the way people trust online reviews and on how consumers do research online. Since Fabletics was launched in 2013, it grew by over two hundred percent, and it is now worth well over two hundred and fifty million dollars. They also have one million active paying subscribers. According to Shawn Gold, who is the director of marketing at Techstyle, the parent company of Fabletics, this growth was achieved because Fabletics has always been keen on leveraging the power of the crowd.


As you are certainly aware, the internet plays an important role in many people’s lives. When it comes to doing research about a product, it is no different. Customers look for online reviews a lot. They trust them, too. A study showed that customers trust online reviews as much as they would trust a recommendation made by a family member or a friend. Eighty four percent of people said that, and this number goes up each year the study is conducted.


The CEO of Trust Pilot put it best when he said that consumers do not trust messages put out by brands during advertising campaigns, but that there is safety in the reviews put out by other consumers online.


The number of consumers who search for online reviews on a regular basis currently stands at around fifty percent, but there is a standard increase of twenty three percent each year. As the years go by, it is imperative that brands start paying attention to the power of the crowd.


Brands understand this. That is why seventy six percent of the top brands now feature user reviews and testimonials on their product pages and websites. This is an increase of seventy percent from just three years ago. Another study showed that when consumers search online when they are in stores, sixty five percent of the time they are actually searching for online reviews and not for price comparisons. This shows that sometimes, consumers may actually care more about a product not having good reviews than whether or not the price is low.


Kate Hudson, the actress who starred in the film Almost Famous, has been the one who brought Fabletics to their current greatness. She is widely regarded as the one who came up with the original ideas that Fabletics is using to successfully grow their brand. She has helped them shape their customer service strategy and gain a top rating with the BBB. She is an ambassador for Fabletics and highly recommends their clothing. It is a good idea to take the Fabletics lifestyle quiz and find out which clothing is good for you.

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