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English Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed.

Happy Temperament Of English Cocker Spaniel. The English Cocker Spaniel dog has a temperament that is happy and Loyal they get along with children and very soon form a strong bond to their primary caretaker. They are affectionate, lovely and always love to cuddle. English Cocker Spaniel dog breed is medium in size with long ears and a happy temperament. His name Cocker comes from his work to hunt woodcock in England, although English Cocker has also been utilized to hunt a lot of other kinds of birds. English cockers are very friendly toward other dogs and also get along well with household cats. Despite their friendly nature, English cocker spaniels can be quite reserved around strangers and will quickly sound the alarm when somebody approaches your door. One of the dogs was Mastiff, and the other was a Spaniel- including the Cocker Spaniel, English Springer Spaniel, Field Spaniel, and the English Cocker Spaniel though they are yet to be distinguished from each other. This was all about the loving and friendly Cocker Spaniel. Give your thoughts down in the comment section.

The English Toy Cocker Spaniel is quiet, reserved, and reclusive,. They will be concerned about the health and temperament of the puppies,. A generally cheerful and friendly breed, the English Toy Cocker Spaniel will pick his favorite in the family and give most of his attention to him. Medium in size, the English Cocker Spaniel, is an efficient, active and energetic guard dog, bearing a close resemblance to the English Springer Spaniel, and Field Spaniel as well as their closest cousin, the American Cocker Spaniel to some extent. Compactly built with a merry disposition, some of their prominent physical features include a. Temperament of The English Cocker Spaniel. English Cocker Spaniels are full of love and life. Their natural urge to hunt gives them a higher than normal energy level, and they love draining those stores with an abundance of play and activity. These dogs also enjoy a life filled with friends and family.

Generally, the English Cocker Spaniel is a healthy dog with few health problems. However, this breed is prone to developing ear infections. Check your English Cocker Spaniel’s ears regularly to avoid an infection getting worse and clean them frequently to help prevent an. The English Cocker Spaniel breed emerged in England from a more general spaniel-type dog breed. When the breeds were divided, seven different ones emerged. These breeds include the English Springer Spaniel, Cocker Spaniel, Clumber Spaniel, Sussex, Welsh Springer Spaniel, Field Spaniel and Irish Water Spaniel.

Cocker Spaniel Characteristics: Height and Weight. English Cocker Spaniel dogs will grow to somewhere between 39 and 41 cm 15-16" in height. The bitch is usually smaller and as an adult will reach between 38 and 39 cm 15-15.5". The ideal weight for. Since the English Cocker Spaniel is a retriever and hunting dog, it is very suitable for hunting small game and poultry. If the English Cocker Spaniel is not used for small animal stalking, it needs some other movement. That's why the agile dog is good for sports. The English Cocker Spaniel is a breed of gun dog. The English Cocker Spaniel is an active, good-natured, sporting dog standing well up at thewithers and compactly built. There are "field" or "working" cockers and "show" cockers. Overall, the Cocker Spaniel temperament and personality is one of a very happy, social, friendly dog who will make a great family pet in any home. Tags: Cocker spaniel personality, Cocker spaniel temperament, Personality of cocker spaniel. Get 30% off When You Join Our Newsletter.

As the dog breed that has been scientifically studied the most, research has found that the coloring of the Cocker Spaniel gives an idea to its temperament. Solid-colored Cocker Spaniels have been found to display more aggressive behaviors than part-colored, with red and golden being the most hostile of the normally gentle breed. The English Cocker Spaniel is a breed of dog. It is one of many Spaniel breeds. Spaniels were bred to hunt. They were used as hunting dogs to retrieve shot animals. Now they are family pets, but are still very active. Cockers have a will of their own. Most English Cocker Spaniels are loving, happy, friendly and intelligent animals. Cocker Spaniel temperament. Kind natured. Friendly. Intelligent. A family dog who will want to be involved in all his family does. Good with children and other pets if socialised early. Cocker Spaniel lifestyle. An energetic, bouncy dog best suited to an active lifestyle. Not a lap dog. A garden is a must. 16/09/2019 · If your English Cocker doesn't get enough exercise, he may become obese and destructive. An English Cocker Spaniel's long ears are susceptible to ear infections. To get a healthy dog, never buy a puppy from an irresponsible breeder, puppy mill, or pet store.

One of the best things about the English Cocker Spaniel is the dog’s temperament. While it may vary from one specific dog to the next, most dogs from this breed tend to be very kind and loyal. In fact, they are usually friendly towards other dogs and other pets too. American Cocker Spaniels are incredibly closely related to English Cocker Spaniels. In fact, they were the same breed until the late 1870s when they began diverging due to differing standards by the Americans and the British. Initially the American Cocker Spaniel was just smaller but eventually it differed significantly enough that it became a.

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