End Citizens United Targets Big Money 20

There are so many people out there who are fed up with the way things are going with politics. They are going to come out and vote in the 2018 midterms and we’ll have a good idea of what they want when we see the results come this November. End Citizens United wants to make sure these fired up voters do all they can to take on big money in politics, so the PAC is targeting a number of politicians it deems the “Big Money 20”. This list of politicians does what it can to help support corporations and others who want to place the wrong interests before those of the American public. Getting them out of office is paramount to the endgame of this PAC.

The Big Money 20 are a collection of politicians who have allowed corporate interests to overtake the interests of the voters. They are located across the country, but some are located in particularly vulnerable areas due to demographics or voting trends. Exploiting this to great effect is going to be absolutely paramount to making sure the upcoming midterms go according to plan. This isn’t just another election. It’s a chance to take back what belongs to the people.

The disappointments we have seen due to the shifts in politics has opened the door for those who want to change the way we do things. Those who are not happy with the status quo are going to find a way to change things until it is the way they wish things to be. The elections we’ve seen so far all seem to have that common theme of a surprise outcome. People did not expect Alabama and Pennsylvania to swing the way they did in recent special elections, but the results have confirmed that we are going to witness a comeback for the left. The frustrations over Donald Trump have certainly played a major role in all of this.

There is going to be something big happening this November, but we’re going to have to stay tuned to realize exactly what it is. If we see Democrats take over the Senate or House, it will likely mean the Big Money 20 are out of office. There is always a time for everything to end and it’s only right that this election serve as the end for the politicians who put the interests of corporations before their constituents.

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