End Citizens United Prepares For Lengthy Battle In 2018

The team at End Citizens United have been hard at work over the past year and change in order to create a way to fight back against the 2010 Supreme Court ruling that ruled in favor of the conservative group Citizens United. End Citizens United has their work cut out for them, particularly in light of the 2016 Presidential election of Donald Trump — an unqualified, caustic, rule-breaker who acts like he is above the role of the office that demands of him. Let’s take a closer look at the work End Citizens United is doing in order to see what they are doing to fix politics in America.

End Citizens United is run by Tiffany Muller, the president at the PAC. End Citizens United is a political action committee that is focused on bringing about a real solution to the problem of campaign finance reform. In 2010 we saw campaign finance regulations stripped from the books in Washington D.C. The decision was a deliberate one that was created after literal years of work to undermine the government. A lawyer named James Bopp, one of the leaders of Citizens United, is almost solely responsible for the effort. Now, almost a decade after his work in the Supreme Court the political world has changed into an almost unrecognizable monster.

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The problem is, of course, that campaign finance regulations are put in place for a very serious reason: to protect the integrity of our elections. When every adult man and woman has a vote they have a chance to really impact legislation in the United States, thus keeping the government as true employees of the people. However, when that vote is superseded by billionaire donors trying to sway elections, buy politicians, and influence votes well, something very different happens to the American government.

After Trump’s election to the highest office in the entire world there were two things that instantly happened. People were instantly enraged at the thought of an unqualified narcissist using the office to his advantage and they wanted to do something about it. End Citizens United was a political action committee that gave people the chance to actual make a difference in their fight to resist Donald Trump and his disastrous and violent administration. Due to his flood of passion the team at End Citizens United raised a stunning $4 million through just the first couple months of the 2017 fiscal year. Their ultimate goal is to make nearly $35 million in order to prepare for the 2018 congressional races. with that money, End Citizens United is going to be able to help campaign finance reform champions fight for office in order to lead the charge against the Citizens United decision.

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