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The Recurring Dollar Endowment Plan is administered by Discovery Life Investment Services Pty Limited trading as Discovery Invest, a subsidiary of Discovery Limited. Discovery Limited is a company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange JSE. 124591 T19043 INV E 2530 V29 05.16 Application for the Recurring Dollar Endowment Plan Surname. Discovery Invest has unique products to meet all your investment needs. Discovery Flexible Investment Plan - Protection and access to your investment, while saving for short, medium and long-term goals in a cost effective manner Discovery Endowment Plan - An investment to meet your long-term goals that offers tax and fee savings up to 100%. Discovery Invest’s Guaranteed Return Plans This Fact File is designed for your easy reference. 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 Page Welcome Contents 1. Discovery Guaranteed Growth Plan 2. Discovery Guaranteed Income Plan 3. Access to your investment 4. Death before the end of the five-year term 5. Contributions to Guaranteed Return Plans 6. Fees.

The PSG Wealth Endowment offers tax benefits to investors with a marginal tax rate of more than 30%, as it will reduce the tax payable on your investment growth. It also helps you to save with discipline, as you have a minimum investment period of at least five years. You can make a lump sum investment or recurring contributions.
By Discovery Invest verstaan ons hoe belangrik dit is dat u die meeste waarde uit u belegging kry. Ons kan u voordele bied wat u belegging help om vinniger te groei, na gelang daarvan of u kies om ’n enkelbedragbelegging of maandelikse bydraes te maak.

The Discovery Invest Recurring Dollar Endowment Plan is an investment policy where you pay in monthly contributions. It is an open-ended investment with no fixed end date. This means you can continue to pay contributions for as long as you like. However, there are restrictions on when you can withdraw your investment. 9. LifeBooster boosts investment value by 5% to 15% depending on Vitality status if life assured dies before maturity; 10. Fee Payback benefit enhances investment value. Please be aware that withdrawals More info: Discovery Endowment Plan Brochure. Endowment Plan Info An endowment is a tax efficient structure where investment growth interest, rental income and foreign dividends within your Endowment Plan is taxed at 30% while capital gains are taxed at 10%. The endowment policy is taxed in the hands of the insurer the. 10/02/2011 · JOHANNESBURG – Discovery Invest has launched a new retirement plan providing a protected minimum income growth, a product that an analyst said would probably sell on the back of other products in the group. Discovery Invest CEO Herschel Mayers said the new product could be a significant source of.

  1. Endowment Plan. Discovery Life is a registered long-term insurer and an authorised nancial services provider, registration number 1966/003901/06. The Recurring Dollar Endowment Plan is administered by Discovery Life Investment Services Pty Limited trading as Discovery Invest, a subsidiary of Discovery Limited.
  2. The Discovery Recurring Dollar Endowment Plan allows clients to invest monthly contributions offshore with ease and allows clients to diversify their investments offshore on a monthly basis through a recurring offshore endowment policy.
  3. Discovery recently launched an endowment plan which allows clients to invest offshore in US Dollars on a monthly basis. This is a first for South African investors and comes at a time when the issue of investing offshore is topical. Until now investors were only able to invest a lump sum.

Discovery Invest, not really a company to invest your retirement funds. Received double monthly retirement payment end September, 2019 without agreement, explanation, communication or apology from Discovery Invest. Discovery Invest is the only company that allows clients to diversify their investments o shore on a monthly basis. With the Discovery Recurring Dollar Endowment Plan, clients can invest monthly in US dollars seamlessly.

13/07/2014 · If so, an endowment may be a good option for you. So says Andre Tuck, investment account manager at Glacier by Sanlam. "Endowments are after-tax investment vehicles that can hold a variety of underlying investment options, including unit trust investments and the structuring of a share portfolio," says Tuck. Discovery Invest Offshore Endowment Plan is also subject to the South African Long Term Insurance Act of 1998. The Discovery Invest Offshore Endowment Plan is administered by Discovery Life Investment Services Pty Limited trading as Discovery Invest, a subsidiary of Discovery Holdings Limited. An authorised financial services provider. Endowments, Used Smartly, Can Create Immense Value. By Andre Tuck, 4 July 2014. If you are a higher income earner looking for an investment that will result in you paying less tax, while still following a growth investment strategy, and where maximum liquidity is not essential, then an endowment may just be the right investment option. 23/06/2016 · Discovery’s Offshore Endowment Plans also offer numerous benefits, including the Offshore Upfront Investment Integrator for qualifying investors. For more information about the Recurring Dollar Endowment Plan, speak to your financial adviser. This article is part of an investment series by Discovery Invest. Endowment policies in South Africa: leave a comment. 20 March 2012. An endowment policy is an investment in an insurance policy. The return on the insurance policy is usually a function of returns of underlying investments. Coronation Endowment Plan. Discovery Invest Endowment Plan.

When you invest a lump-sum amount, you get an additional amount upfront, called the Upfront Investment Integrator. The additional amount is between 7.5% and 26% of your initial lump-sum amount. Your upfront amount depends on whether you chose qualifying Discovery funds, have a Discovery Life Plan, and the amount you invest. Allan Gray Endowment terms and conditions – Policy Document This document, together with your Policy Summary is your Policy Document. It sets out the terms and conditions applicable to your investment. Your Policy Document, application form and all other instructions accepted by Allan Gray will form part of your agreement with Allan Gray. Set a goal and make a plan to reach that goal from saving from just R500 p/m. Choose an initial saving plan for 5 years or longer to suit your long-term savings goal. Discovery Flexible Property Fund as at 30 June 2017 Fund profile and strategy Who should invest Why you would select this fund Historical performance net of fees Period 1 year 3 years 5 years Since inception Since inception cumulative Lowest actual annual return Highest actual annual return 10.52% 0.56 0.12 Launch date Income.

Sanlam’s personal investment plans are suited to various levels of affordability & risk. Reach your financial goals with an investment plan from Sanlam. The Discovery Dollar Capital Plus Fund is available as a limited offer on the lump-sum Discovery Endowment Plan. Term Five years from trade date Minimum investment size R100 000 Annual managment fees There are no ongoing fees within the fund. Offer closing date The Discovery Dollar Capital Plus Fund opens on 22 February 2016. There is limited. We are required to manage the product within the legislated foreign investment limits. If we reach our foreign investment limit in future, we will need to restrict how much can be invested in foreign assets in the Allan Gray Endowment. 09/03/2015 · 3 Reasons why you should not invest in an endowment. are taxed inside the endowment at a flat rate of 30%. Dividends from equities – 15% Rental income from property – 30% Interest from bonds. A sound financial plan starts with cash fund which you. The Discovery Balanced Fund uses a stand-alone multi-asset strategy with prudential international exposure. The investment process is based on a balanced research process. The fund aims to achieve high returns over the long term with moderate volatility. The fund further aims to produce steady, stable growth in income and capital.

An endowment can also refer to the total of a non-profit institution's investable assets, also known as principal or corpus, which is meant to be used for operations or programs that are consistent with the wishes of the donor. Most endowments are designed to keep the principal amount intact while using the investment income for charitable efforts. Why choose Discovery Invest. At the core of our all our solutions is a passion for providing the opportunities for you to build a strong financial base and a commitment to help you achieve your goals. We want to make the most of your money, whatever amount you have to invest, by offering you more certainty, more value and more flexibility.

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