Daniel Taub

The recent election of Hassan Rouhani as Iran’s new president presents some problems for the middle east. He was elected in the summer and is favored bty the west for his moderate demeanor.

The moment he was elected, the west prepared to make a deal with him because he is portrayed in Tehran as being a moderate person who is easy to deal with.

He seems to be someone the west can do business with and it will be beneficial for all. This is not the case. He is in fact a very intelligent opponent and a tricky politician. Daniel Taub warns that this is not the case.

While tensions are high, relationships remain positive between Israel and the west. Israel’s security forces recently had private talks with officials in Washington and the outcome was positive.

Daniel Taub warns the world that the Geneva Deal does not do a proper job of preventing Iran from attaining nuclear power. They have multiple facilities that are up and running with no signs of slowing down.

Though they have been given a six month time window to cease their operations and comply with the Geneva Deal, Daniel Taub does not believe this will prevent them from pursuing their goals. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

Iran wants to build nuclear missiles and become a serious power in the middle east. There are lines that have been drawn through Palestine and this would give them a huge leg up in the ongoing conflicts in Gaza.

Daniel Taub has offered his advice that the world powers need to create alliances that were previously unthought of. He wishes for peace and would like to avoid any potential nuclear conflict.

He has had talks with the Obama Administration and the current administration concerning the matter and they were very productive. The prospect of nuclear holocaust is nothing that the world wants to see and everyone in the UN wants to avoid it.

Nations that were previously closed to making deals with other nations have begun forming alliances that may benefit them in the long run.

Taub hopes to present the world with a better narrative than nuclear powers and missiles, he wants there to be peace and hopes that Iran can begin to see.

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