Cameron Clokie: Providing Innovative Solutions in Surgery

Dr. Cameron Clokie is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon who has worked hard towards growing his career. He has influenced the lives of those around him by providing solutions to bone regeneration and working as surgeon in many institutions. Dr. Cameron Clokie is dedicated to replacing the old methods of bone reconstruction by introducing innovation in his work.

He has been committed to research and collaborating with individuals and businesses to find solutions to issues facing the field. Dr. Cameron has a desire to ensure that he makes a positive mark in the world by providing humans with alternative treatments and cures. He is involved in developing bio implants and is hopeful it will be successful in replacing bone grafts.

Dr. Cameron attended McGill University graduating with a doctor in dental surgery. He has worked in the area of dental surgery for a long time hence has acquired a lot of expertise as a competent dental surgeon. He earned his PhD from the same university in bone regeneration. Dr. Cameron has taken keen interest in bone structure and reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Cameron’s interests led him to begin his own practice in Toronto. He has acquired respect and confidence among his clients who are optimist in his capability to provide them with the best facial reconstruction surgeries. Dr. Cameron is widely known for his experience in surgery and has carved a niche which has enabled him have a large pool of clients visiting his Toronto clinic.

Dr. Cameron is the chief executive officer of Induce Biologics, which concentrates on regenerative medicine to offer innovative solutions. Dr. Cameron also conducts his own research obtaining about 25 patents for his work. His contribution in medicine is immense and admirable. His work is appreciated in America and across the world.

Dr. Cameron has published papers detailing his studies and discoveries. Scholars and colleagues can access these across the world. Dr. Cameron has worked as a professor for many years before retiring from teaching in 2017. He has been a role model to many students and has taught in many institutions across the world.