Gregory Aziz, The CEO Of North America’s Leading Railroad Freight Car Manufacturer

1Gregory James Aziz, Chairman, CEO, and President of National Steel Car (NSC) was born on 30 April 1949 in Ontario. He went to school at Ridley College and later at the University of Western Ontario where he studied economics. Greg Aziz worked at Affiliated Foods, the family business from 1971, and the company expanded to be a global importer of fresh foods from South and Central America as well as Europe. It distributed products to leading fresh food wholesale markets all over the United States and eastern Canada.


James Aziz worked in various banking opportunities in New York during the late 1980s and early 1990s. In 1994, he purchased NSC from Dofasco aiming to transform the once great Canadian firm into a leading railroad freight car manufacturer in North America. Aziz focused on the team-building and excellent engineering capabilities of the company and invested heavily in capital and human assets. Through his efforts, he was able to grow its production capacity from 3,500 annually to 12,000 by the year 1999. James also increased the staff number from 600 to about 3,000. Click Here to learn more.


Currently, National Steel Car tops the industry in new vehicle innovation and builds thousands of new railroad freight cars every year. The business has pursued engineering and manufacturing excellence to become the only railroad freight car manufacturer in North America to be engineering and manufacturing company ISO 9001:2008 certified. For the last 18 years, through many rounds of recertification, it has held this honor. Also since 1996, the firm has been honored consistently with TTX SECO highest quality award.


National Steel Car is committed to philanthropic efforts and has sponsored many charities including the United Way, Salvation Army, and Hamilton Opera among many others. Both past and present employees, along with their children, attend National Steel Car Christmas Party every year and participate in the firm’s primary food drive for Hamilton’s food banks. Gregory J Aziz is passionate about charity, and his wife, Irene, they sponsor the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, which is the most prominent agricultural fair in Canada.


The company is trusted by major client’s including Canpotex which selected National Steel Car to manufacture 700 railcars designed to transport potash to coastal ports. Canpotex has invested more than $500 million in National Steel Car since 1999 and its President, Steve Dechka noted that it could only defend its 43-year reputation of reliability using NSC’s railcars.


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Jason Hope Helps Nonprofit Tackle Aging and Age-Related Ailments

Jason Hope, an entrepreneur and philanthropist from Arizona, is one of the largest proponents and contributors of anti-aging research. Known for his passion for philanthropy in scientific research and disease cures, Jason Hope has donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation, a California nonprofit organization focused on extending the human life span and preventing age-related ailments.

The SENS foundation is among many organizations that use biotechnology as a means for discovering ways to reverse the aging process and prevent age-related ailments. Through biotechnology, the SENS foundation hopes to use organisms, systems, and biological processes to create and manufacture products that can help enhance the quality of human lives. The SENS foundation runs laboratories, conducts medical and scientific research, and organizes its own conferences and events that are dedicated to spreading awareness of their work and changing the perception of aging.

According to SENS Foundation Chief Executive Officer Mike Kope, Jason Hope’s financial contribution and support of the foundation’s research has helped the foundation expedite its work. Specifically, Hope’s contribution has helped found and equip the Cambridge SENS laboratory in the U.K., initiate a new research program, and develop medication for targeting advanced glycation end-products that can grow in human tissue as one ages and lead to high-blood pressure and other health-related conditions that can stem from aging.

Another way that Jason Hope’s financial contribution has helped anti-aging research is by enabling the SENS foundation to evaluate methods for preventing artery-cell proteins from bonding. According to Aubrey de Grey, the leader and chief science officer of the SENS foundation, preventing artery-cell proteins from bonding can help prevent arteries in blood vessels from hardening, which, similar to glycation end-products, can also result in high-blood pressure.

Jason Hope believes that the SENS foundation’s work, along with other organizations, has the potential to completely change the face of healthcare, biotechnology, and what it means to age. He has largely supported the foundation for its work in finding ways to treat Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes, and believes that scientists will one day be able to find a way to reverse the aging process. With more donors like Hope, the SENS foundation, along with many others, can continue to make progress in their work. One thing for sure is that Hope’s contribution to the cause helps bring the once-distant concept of anti-aging one step closer to becoming a new reality.

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Jason Hope Revolutionising Ageing and Its Complications

There is such a great number of diseases and issues relating to health that many people in the world are facing in this current age. These health issues range from life threatening complications to minor diseases of which, of course, having a great effect on the affected people’s communities and also not forgetting their families. On the flip side, regardless of our lifestyles or living patterns, location, wage class or health we are all affected by the one condition we all tend to think of last, that is ageing, which no one can run away from nor evade.

Generation after generation has noted it as a process in our lives which seems to be impossible to escape which every single human being faces regardless of their daily health levels or routines. As age catches up to us, our skin becomes wrinkled and rigid, inability to do what we could do at a younger age in time and our bones also break down. A large number of health conditions tend to get worse as we continue to age. Such mentioned diseases tend to, at times, bring forth conditions that threaten our lives or at the very least, they affect the families and also lower our way of living. These diseases are such as osteoporosis, high blood pressure, cancer and arthritis. The medical industry has made great steps in challenging these medical problems but unfortunately they have only been able to aim their focus to treat but not stop the occurrence of the said health risks.

The research being run so far only aims at helping the victims of these conditions to handle the various issues of these serious diseases instead of dealing with the main cause of the patients’ issues’ which tends to mean a lack of salvation for the patients. Jason Hope though, a philanthropist from Arizona, has gone the opposite route of the conventional medical approach. Jason Hope is pumping in funds to research bodies that are working to help to reverse or slow down the process of ageing to change how organizations dealing with health face off against ageing.

Jason Hope is known to work closely with the SENS Foundation which he has donated funds for their research. In the year 2010 in December, he donated 500,000 dollars to the organization which avails the citizens to get hold of preventive and anti-ageing technology. The organization was launched in 2009 which employs biotechnology to improve lives and prevent these diseases. Jason Hope has only great word for the organization towards their goal of trying to find a way to fight off ageing and age related diseases such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

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