Michel Terpin – The king of Brazil RallyChampionships

Michel Terpin is a renowned Rally driver in Brazil and around the world. His record as a rally driver speaks for itself. He has trounced many competitors in his entire career, something that has come become a routine rather than luck. His Brother is also another famous rally driver, and they have teamed up several times thrilling their fans endless. Michel motivation in sports can be attributed to the fact that he comes from a sportsmen family. His father is also a renowned basketball player in Brazil.

Michel career in racing kicked off in 2002 when he participated in the Sertoes Rally where he raced with motorcycles before turning to cars. Since then, he has improved his tactics and skills dramatically over the years, winning awards and progressing to several stages. One of his major achievements is when he was able to get an opportunity to participate in the Cross Rally Country Brazilian Championship.

Michel duo performance with brother started in 2015. Michel has been using his T-Rex that was specially modified for him with a V8 engine in every competition. This car has helped him to keep moving even in the roughest terrain. He has continuously gained several podiums and extraordinary classification.

In addition, he has also won even when performing a duo with his brother. Sertoes Rally 24th edition is a good example where he was placed the fifth position in the second edition. Therefore, the duo proved their skills and power in driving their cars during the Sertoes Rally 25-year edition. This is, however not your normal race, as it is considered as one of the longest race in Brazil. Competitors have to complete 3300 km of the road not to mention the kind of terrain they encounter.

Michel is truly a high achiever and a champion of rallies in Brazil’s cross country championships. He has always worked hard and determined to remain at the top. He and his brother have shown how a family can shine together doing what they love most. Michel is an inspiration for young upcoming rally drivers in Brazil. He has vowed to his fans that he will keep on winning.