Tony Petrellos’ life and philanthropic nature.

For quite some time now Mr. Tony Patrello has been in the limelight for his philanthropic giving that have gone out to help those that are less fortunate in the society. His donations have not only touched the lives of a few people but has been used for the greater good of even those that are unaware. This is because a large part of his donations has gone out to fund research initiatives. For example, Tony Petrello recently donated 5 million dollars all to be used for research purposes for the greater good of the community and later went on to pledge an extra 2 million dollars to be used for the same cause in the future.

Tony Petrellos’ humble acts of charity are rooted in his generous nature that enables him to care for others who might not be privileged and able as others. This story has a personal side to it since for more eight years now Mr. Patrello has directly been involved in assisting her daughter to perform simple tasks due to her neurological condition.

Through her condition Mr. Patrello’s daughter called Carena cannot be able to chew her food correctly as healthy eight years olds do. Carena has had to struggle with the help of her father to learn how to chew food properly, and the task has been a difficult one. Also through many hours of constant practice, she has been slowly learning on how to walk on her own. Talking has also been a daunting task and through a speech therapist and her zeal of determination she has had to slowly grasp little by little on how to speak and formulate her words.

All Carena’s problems began after as an infant contributed by the fact that she had been born when she was only 24 weeks. She had then gone on to be diagnosed for periventricular leukomalacia a disease that is common in children born prematurely. On the other hand, Tony Petrello has had a significantly successful life and career in the oil industry in America. As the Chief Executive officer of Nabors industries one of the largest drilling companies globally, Tony Petrello is a humble man who is much respected.

In addition to this Mr. Patrello is also the COO or the Chief Operating Officer at Nabors. From his busy schedule, Patrello still finds time to participate as a member of Texas Children Hospital Board of Trustees.

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The Generosity of Anthony Petrello and His Philanthropic Contributions

The current Chief Executive and Chairman of Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello, is known for his generous mind as he contributes a significant portion of wealth and time for various philanthropic activities. When he was stepping up his career ladder, he got more involved into the generous activities. Petrello is a major contributor to scientific researches aimed to address the medical conditions of the human beings. He and his wife, Cynthia Petrello, donated $5 million for medical research and pledged another $2 million. It should be noted that Carena, their only daughter, is a premature child. She is already 8 years old and started chewing food last year.

Carena was the prey of a neurological disorder that disturbed her ability to walk, eat, and speak. The little girl had to chew multiple times before her brain captured the pattern. For both Anthony and Cynthia, the little girl is the inspiration to serve the society, and donating money to various research groups is to cure her and help children with the similar disorder. Carena was born when she was six months old. This caused her having periventricular leukomalacia, a relatively common disease among premature babies. Due to the insufficient flow of oxygen, the medical condition finally transformed to cerebral palsy.

Both Anthony and Cynthia pray to the god for a divine intervention for their daughter. They agree that after learning their daughter’s condition, they became more humble. Anthony is on the boards of Texas Children’s Hospital, a hospital with dedicated researchers working on complex neurological conditions in children. It also gives him an opportunity to get his daughter examined on a daily basis. Additionally, he gets a chance to oversee the research and development in neurological disorders while being a part of it. Apart from donating huge sums, Anthony encourages other billionaires and colleagues to donate and support the initiatives of the hospital.

Anthony Petrello started his career with Baker & McKenzie, a prominent law firm, in the year 1971. He focused on taxation, general code of law, and international arbitration. In 1991, Anthony joined Nabors as its Chief Operating Officer continued in the same role until 2011.

In 2011, he was elected as the CEO and President of the firm, and a year later, he was elected as the Chairman of the Board. Petrello completed his Law graduation from the Harvard Law School. He also earned his bachelor’s and masters from the reputed Yale University in mathematics.

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