End Citizens United Puts the Pressure on Ending Shady Campaign Financing

End Citizens United filed a suit against Rick Scott with the FEC (Federal Election Committee) due to his super PAC campaign financing. Rick Scott has raised $78 million in campaign money so far. The staggering amount raises questions of the candidate getting around limits on campaign money donations through the use of the super PAC. A super PAC should be legally used only as much as it is needed for a campaign without working directly with the candidate and the campaign. ECU believes that Rick Scott is directly working and violating the anti-coordination law with the New Republican PAC. The New Republican PAC has vowed to get Rick Scott elected to the senate, but coordination between the two is prohibited by the anti-coordination law.

The communications director at ECU Adam Bozzi stated that the Super PAC appears to have clearly been made by Rick Scott to channel “soft money” into the PAC with the premise of the money being for the president. Bozzi also provided proof that Rick Scott had been listed as chairman of the Super PAC during January. Rick Scott and his campaign have denied these accusations presented by End Citizens United.

End Citizens United is an organization that was set up to combat the issues presented by the Citizens United supreme court decision. This decision resulted in dark special interest money being funneled into the campaign finance system that has led to controlled candidates and votes that are not ruling in favor of every American. End Citizens United proposes to make a change regarding this by raising grassroots donations for candidates who want to vote in favor of campaign finance reform and have vowed to not take special interest money for their campaign. Rick Scott does not have interest in campaign finance system reform, which makes him someone that the End Citizens United organization hopes to keep out of office. For that reason though, Rick Scott attempted to state that ECU only filed a complaint against him because of their opposition to him finding campaign finance reform as a non-issue. ECU stated that they filed the complaint because Rick Scott broke the anti-coordination law by being directly connected the New Republican PAC that has resulted in an over the top amount of campaign money being channeled to his campaign.

ECU knows that what they are taking are small steps toward pushing for clarity in the campaign finance system in the United States. They hope that through the small steps of electing candidates who are interest in changing the finance system and by filing complaints against campaign finance law breakers like Rick Scott, they will start to make bigger steps in the future toward change.

End Citizens United’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/EndCitizensUnitedPAC

End Citizens United Targets Big Money 20

There are so many people out there who are fed up with the way things are going with politics. They are going to come out and vote in the 2018 midterms and we’ll have a good idea of what they want when we see the results come this November. End Citizens United wants to make sure these fired up voters do all they can to take on big money in politics, so the PAC is targeting a number of politicians it deems the “Big Money 20”. This list of politicians does what it can to help support corporations and others who want to place the wrong interests before those of the American public. Getting them out of office is paramount to the endgame of this PAC.

The Big Money 20 are a collection of politicians who have allowed corporate interests to overtake the interests of the voters. They are located across the country, but some are located in particularly vulnerable areas due to demographics or voting trends. Exploiting this to great effect is going to be absolutely paramount to making sure the upcoming midterms go according to plan. This isn’t just another election. It’s a chance to take back what belongs to the people.

The disappointments we have seen due to the shifts in politics has opened the door for those who want to change the way we do things. Those who are not happy with the status quo are going to find a way to change things until it is the way they wish things to be. The elections we’ve seen so far all seem to have that common theme of a surprise outcome. People did not expect Alabama and Pennsylvania to swing the way they did in recent special elections, but the results have confirmed that we are going to witness a comeback for the left. The frustrations over Donald Trump have certainly played a major role in all of this.

There is going to be something big happening this November, but we’re going to have to stay tuned to realize exactly what it is. If we see Democrats take over the Senate or House, it will likely mean the Big Money 20 are out of office. There is always a time for everything to end and it’s only right that this election serve as the end for the politicians who put the interests of corporations before their constituents.

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How End Citizens United Is Approaching Politics In The Era Of Trump

A frank discussion regarding the state of government in the United States cannot be had without recognizing how much has changed since 2010. What happened in 2010? Well, that was the year that James Bopp and the conservative thinktank Citizens United succeeded in upending America at the highest level of our government. There’s more to the story and definitely more to the resistance so let us dig in.

Before we get to 2010 we have to go back a little bit further to 2008. In 2008 James Bopp appeared before the FEC in order to argue for allowing ‘Hillary: The Movie’ to air via on-demand television services at the same time that the 2008 Democratic Primaries were underway. The goal was simple: to smear Clinton with a 90 minute attack ad that circumvented campaign rules and restrictions. Bopp knew what he was doing. Still, the lawyer failed in this undertaking but he would return in 2010 for the pivotal case we cited in our introduction.

Citizens United is a conservative group that asked the government, essentially, to stop putting so many rules on how much money billionaires and special interests could flood into the government. For a wonder the Supreme Court relented. This directly resulted in untold billions of dollars over the past eight years flooding into the American government. The government no longer works for the people. It works for the billions that flood into the pockets of politicians around the country.

Fortunately all is not lost and fortunately people are starting to realize that there is a path to resistance. End Citizens United was established with the sole goal of undoing the 2010 Supreme Court decision. There have been many political action groups created since 2010 but none of them have come as close to being as effective as End Citizens United.

End Citizens United is spearheaded by Tiffany Muller but backed by the entire Democratic party. Still, despite being founded by progressives the benefits that End Citizens United could bring would help everyone in the country and, by proxy, the rest of the world. End Citizens United wants to put power back into the hands of every day Americans who go to the voting booths in order to make their voice heard. End Citizens United doesn’t believe that billion dollar corporations should be able to buy their own personal politicians.

In order for End Citizens United to find success they will have to endorse and help elect progressive officials who believe in stripping the Citizens United decision. As a result, End Citizens United has been working hard to raise funds in order to back politicians. They’ve already raised $4 million of their $35 million goal and the year is just beginning.

The Powerful Political Lobbyist, Andrea McWilliams

Politics is an area in every nation’s economy with a broad platform for employment. Other than just a place infested with politicians, it has other job opportunities directly or indirectly linked to it. The political arena of any nation is, therefore, one of the most crucial economic pillars. Hence, people like Andrea McWilliams stand to benefit from the political arena of this country.

Andrea McWilliams is a recognized lobbyist and political fundraiser. She is the founder of McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants and has made a name for herself due to her strategic skills and precise way of giving keen attention to details. She is graceful, patient, and persuasive, which work excellently for her profession.

Andrea McWilliams at the age of 21 became the Chief of Staff presenting her unique skills at a wider public platform. Together with her husband, Dean, she runs a full-service of consultancy on legislative matters. The firm, through an alliance and combination of their experience and talents, has grown strong to gain the trust and commitment at the local, state, and national level.

Other than that, Andrea McWilliams lobbied in the 81st Legislative Session that passed 100 million dollars in incentives aimed at making Texas the most advanced and clean coal power plant globally. Also, she was involved in an outside the Chamber role of saving 3 billion dollars for cancer research.

Andrea McWilliams is a renowned and distinguished national political commentator. As a result, her constant efforts have not gone unrecognized as she has been a proud recipient of several awards including; the 2016 Texas Businesswoman of the Year Finalist Award, Profile in Power, and Woman of Distinction Award.

Moreover, Andrea McWilliams is known for being philanthropic and a community volunteer. She has occasionally been named on the All-Stars of Austin American-Statesman Fortunate 500 list and as well, holds numerous humanitarian positions in some non-profit organizations. She is tenacious and devoted, making her the best at what she does.