End Citizens United Puts the Pressure on Ending Shady Campaign Financing

End Citizens United filed a suit against Rick Scott with the FEC (Federal Election Committee) due to his super PAC campaign financing. Rick Scott has raised $78 million in campaign money so far. The staggering amount raises questions of the candidate getting around limits on campaign money donations through the use of the super PAC. A super PAC should be legally used only as much as it is needed for a campaign without working directly with the candidate and the campaign. ECU believes that Rick Scott is directly working and violating the anti-coordination law with the New Republican PAC. The New Republican PAC has vowed to get Rick Scott elected to the senate, but coordination between the two is prohibited by the anti-coordination law.

The communications director at ECU Adam Bozzi stated that the Super PAC appears to have clearly been made by Rick Scott to channel “soft money” into the PAC with the premise of the money being for the president. Bozzi also provided proof that Rick Scott had been listed as chairman of the Super PAC during January. Rick Scott and his campaign have denied these accusations presented by End Citizens United.

End Citizens United is an organization that was set up to combat the issues presented by the Citizens United supreme court decision. This decision resulted in dark special interest money being funneled into the campaign finance system that has led to controlled candidates and votes that are not ruling in favor of every American. End Citizens United proposes to make a change regarding this by raising grassroots donations for candidates who want to vote in favor of campaign finance reform and have vowed to not take special interest money for their campaign. Rick Scott does not have interest in campaign finance system reform, which makes him someone that the End Citizens United organization hopes to keep out of office. For that reason though, Rick Scott attempted to state that ECU only filed a complaint against him because of their opposition to him finding campaign finance reform as a non-issue. ECU stated that they filed the complaint because Rick Scott broke the anti-coordination law by being directly connected the New Republican PAC that has resulted in an over the top amount of campaign money being channeled to his campaign.

ECU knows that what they are taking are small steps toward pushing for clarity in the campaign finance system in the United States. They hope that through the small steps of electing candidates who are interest in changing the finance system and by filing complaints against campaign finance law breakers like Rick Scott, they will start to make bigger steps in the future toward change.

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End Citizens United Prepares For Lengthy Battle In 2018

The team at End Citizens United have been hard at work over the past year and change in order to create a way to fight back against the 2010 Supreme Court ruling that ruled in favor of the conservative group Citizens United. End Citizens United has their work cut out for them, particularly in light of the 2016 Presidential election of Donald Trump — an unqualified, caustic, rule-breaker who acts like he is above the role of the office that demands of him. Let’s take a closer look at the work End Citizens United is doing in order to see what they are doing to fix politics in America.

End Citizens United is run by Tiffany Muller, the president at the PAC. End Citizens United is a political action committee that is focused on bringing about a real solution to the problem of campaign finance reform. In 2010 we saw campaign finance regulations stripped from the books in Washington D.C. The decision was a deliberate one that was created after literal years of work to undermine the government. A lawyer named James Bopp, one of the leaders of Citizens United, is almost solely responsible for the effort. Now, almost a decade after his work in the Supreme Court the political world has changed into an almost unrecognizable monster.

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The problem is, of course, that campaign finance regulations are put in place for a very serious reason: to protect the integrity of our elections. When every adult man and woman has a vote they have a chance to really impact legislation in the United States, thus keeping the government as true employees of the people. However, when that vote is superseded by billionaire donors trying to sway elections, buy politicians, and influence votes well, something very different happens to the American government.

After Trump’s election to the highest office in the entire world there were two things that instantly happened. People were instantly enraged at the thought of an unqualified narcissist using the office to his advantage and they wanted to do something about it. End Citizens United was a political action committee that gave people the chance to actual make a difference in their fight to resist Donald Trump and his disastrous and violent administration. Due to his flood of passion the team at End Citizens United raised a stunning $4 million through just the first couple months of the 2017 fiscal year. Their ultimate goal is to make nearly $35 million in order to prepare for the 2018 congressional races. with that money, End Citizens United is going to be able to help campaign finance reform champions fight for office in order to lead the charge against the Citizens United decision.

George Soros’ Attempts to Retain the Democratic Values and His Thoughts

George Soros, an investor billionaire and philanthropist, is known for his attempts to retain the democratic values not only in the home country, the U.S. but across the world. It was quite evidenced when he tried to stop the President Donald Trump in the Presidential election 2016 by supporting Hillary Clinton. Soros felt that the divisive speeches of Donald Trump clubbed with the lack of clarity in major policies making him not fit for the job. The environment of fear created by Trump forced Soros to call him “doing the job of ISIS.”

Due to that reason, he went on a spent spree in the election and reportedly donated more than $25 million for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. It was the first time after a decade, Soros was significantly contributing in elections – in 2004, he contributed $27 million to defeat the then President George W. Bush. Soros contributed large sums to Hillary supporting groups and PACs, and that provided a significant financial edge for her in the election against Trump. Soros donated $7 million to one of the largest Super PACs backing Clinton named Priorities USA Action. Soros also gave away $2 million to another PAC named American Bridge 21st Century that is working to resist all the Republican candidates including Trump. Read this story about George at politico.com

Immigrant Voters Win, a PAC working for increased turnout from Hispanic voters in critical swing states, received $5 million from Soros. He donated another $5 million to Voting Rights Trust, a group working to resist the conservative attempts to restrict voting. It is also revealed that Soros donated $2 million to America Votes, a voter mobilization group. Soros also contributed $1.5 million each to Planned Parenthood Votes – a PAC supports candidates who are backing abortion rights – and Senate Majority PAC – a PAC working for the victory of Democratic Senate candidates.

Read more: http://www.cnbc.com/george-soros/

While coming to his thoughts on capitalism, Soros says that it is endangering the democratic and open society largely. Though he earned billions from financial markets, Soros admits that the biggest threat to open society in today’s world is capitalism. He felt that both communism and Nazism are totalitarian concepts that do not support any free thinking and resist open societies. Due to that reason, Soros founded Open Societies in 1979 to spread the concept of open societies to make a total transformation in various societies.

Soros tried to intervene in many countries including South Africa, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary, China, the Soviet Union, and more, in the initial years. He could significantly transform many of those societies and make political changes in some of them. George Soros feels that open societies can also be threatened by even excessive individualism or capitalism. He says that too much competition added with very little cooperation can create inequities and instability in the society. Read more at The New York Times about George.

An Update On George Soros

Today, we speak of George Soros. We include this powerful billionaire in an open discussion with the now United States president.

Rumors and financial figures press the media to believe George Soros lost close to 1 billion dollars during U.S. election. It comes as no surprise then that the investor Soros is telling the same media of Donal Trump’s demise. And it’s not that George Soros aims to sabotage the new U.S. Presidency.

The standing U.S. President is said to be incompetent according to the self-made billionaire. George had donated $2.5 million to support the Hillary campaign and the last these his name was discussed in the same phrase with Pres., Trump. The urgent push by George Soros suggests that Trump is set to destroy himself.

The current changes and public display in the Trump campaign also came under scrutiny. The condition on Business Insider is accumulating opposition targeted and aimed the Trump administration and for its deficiencies. George Soros and even the U.S. people are following this trend and the same strong sentiment seen in U.S. Media.

But there are also skeptics who feel that George Soros is only publicly fuming his frustration after losing over $800 million and from the new, standing U.S. Presidency. The specific quotes made by Soros is why the online community is in an uproar. That Donal Trump is “an imposter,” is being used on many headlines today.

You will also hear Trump being called a “con man” and by the billionaire investor George Soros. The real consideration from this calamity felt by many in politics today is that expectations weren’t met. The current U.S. President is revealing, as felt by modern U.S. sentiment, that he may posses numerous inabilities on Forbes.

It’s common for politicians to enter office and perform differently from their promises made during the election trail. Yet what we get from the general message spread through George Soros is that the failures of Trump today were things obvious during his campaign.

George Soros publicly called Donald Trump a failure and to symbolize how the U.S. President has done nothing impressive to date. Let’s us see where this all goes. …

– The Life Of George Soros

George Soros got his start as a world-renown philanthropist from his history of once being a refugee. The investor’s Hungarian heritage was left behind, lost in his native country and taken at his young age of 13. All of this occurred in a great escape of George and his family while fleeing Nazi occupation in WWII.

His career as a credited investor began in London where his family found refuge though. The early days in Europe enabled Soros to find work in a train yard and then eventually as a restaurant server on opensocietyfoundations.org. These odd jobs gave George the option of going to school.

That’s exactly what the mogul did to be one of the world’s greatest financial minds.