The Success of Dick DeVos

Of the many individuals across the United States that have demonstrated great success in not only the world of business, but has also become increasingly generous to individuals who are less fortunate across the United States, one individual stands out among the rest of the successful businessmen. This individual is Dick DeVos, an individual with a prominent family name that has been able to continue to grow the family name in order to expand the legacy and to make sure that the name of DeVos continues to have a positive legacy for the many years to come in the future.


Dick DeVos has many titles including a businessman, an innovator, a philanthropist, as well as a family man who has been specifically dedicated to making sure that his father’s company continues to expand in its legacy. Dick DeVos has dedicated his entire career to making sure that his father is proud and that the name of Amway Corporation is a name that is known throughout the world. Amway Corporation was built by Richard DeVos and has grown at an exponential rate over the years due to the inexpensive and high quality products that are offered to over 50 countries that are located on over six different continents all over the world.


Dick DeVos has been able to make a name for himself despite the fact that he has a prominent last name within the world of business. Dick DeVos has even been recognized for his accomplishments when he was named to be the 67th richest individual in the world with a total net worth of around $5 billion. Though Dick DeVos has experienced success, Dick DeVos believes that success is not attributed to accumulated revenue, but instead comes from the amount that is given to organizations that help others across the local communities of the United States.


Dick DeVos is a dedicated individual to the communities across the United States who wants to make sure that individuals receive the benefits of his success. As a result, Dick DeVos has become increasingly interested in the education initiative. As an individual who worked hard in school, Dick DeVos believes that all individuals who show merit should have access to an excellent quality of education. Dick DeVos has helped countless individuals by funding scholarships and by funding the building of schools in order to make sure that the education system continues to improve.