The Philanthropic Efforts that George Soros is making to leave the World Better

There is no doubt about the fact that the country seems to have taken many steps back to the past with the new president in office. Groups that were thought to be part of America’s regrettable past have come back to life, and marginalized groups of people have to fight battles they thought they had won all over again. This is exactly the situation that George Soros, one of the wealthiest investors philanthropists in the country had foreseen when he spoke about his reservations about President Trump. George feels that it is now time for human rights activists and other foundations that support social justice to wake up and start talking about the emerging problems.

The latest from the Soros Foundation shows that he has donated more than $18 billion of his estate to fund future activities of the group. This donation makes the foundation the third largest in the country, after the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation. It is projected that Soros will be giving even more of his wealth to the George Soros Foundation shortly. This is not the first time that George Soros is donating to charity. In the past three decades, he has given more than $6 billion to the charitable organizations.

Soros has always been a strong supporter of Open Society Foundations because when he was growing up, he had to run away from a Nazi-occupied country and start a new life without his parents. He was born to Jewish parents, and directly experienced the horror of the Holocaust. He succeeded in school, and after graduating from the London School of Economics, he started his first hedge fund. The fact that George Soros is willing to give almost all of the fortune that he has been working hard to create his entire lifetime shows how dedicated he is to leave the world a better place than the way he found it.

George has always advocated for a progressive society. For instance, there was a time when he funded Senator John Kerry’s bid for the White House. His main contention with the Bush administration was the fact that they invaded Iran  created a humanitarian crisis which was close to impossible to resolve. Even though Kerry lost, there were the PACs that he put in place afterward to check the powers of the government of the day.

He was behind Clinton in the just concluded election because he has always liked her style of progressive politics. He believes that discriminating and alienation others, which seems to be the administrative style of the Liberals, will create more problems for the country than it can solve. The increase in cases of racial profiling and the resulting protests are the direct results of the divisive politics that got the current president in power. Soros believes that America needs peace more than it needs conflict at this time. It is, therefore, his hope that through the Open Society Foundations, he can keep the administration on its toes and prevent further mistakes. and more information click here